Street art

Until the 4th of August 2019, graffiti artists are taking over an empty building in the 6th arrondissement and turning it into a huge collaborative work of art. Fancy seeing it for yourself? Then step with way.

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During one month, the art world in the peaceful 6th arrondissement is shaken by the Zoo exhibition. Graffiti artists, photographers and sculptors will be taking control of an entire building to present their creations in situ; that is 1200 m² of multifaceted works of art (Graff, painting, illustration, photography and sculpture… ), live performances, and a gallery bar. 

The 30 artists: Aero - Rennes / Agrume - Lyon / Babs - Paris / Chanoir - Bogota / Debens - Barcelona / Decasa - Lyon / Der - Toulouse / Dexun - Lyon / Dizaster - Paris / Duke - Lyon / Eps - Beirut / Impackt - Lyon / Kalouf - Lyon / Koey - Lyon / Romain Lardanchet- Lyon / Fred Manenc - Toulouse / Julien Menzel- Lyon / Nasty - Paris / Jean - Luc Navette - Lyon / Nota - Lyon / Pant - Lyon / Palm - Lyon / Guillaume Plisson - Lyon / Psyckose - Paris / P.Reichsrath - Lyon / Reso - Toulouse / Russ - Avignon / Sphinx- Lyon / Scotie - Toulouse / Sheru Shestea - Toulouse / Soone - Toulouse / Sun7 - Paris / Tank & Popek - Lyon / Y!Not - Lyon

In practical terms... 
Saturdays and Sundays from 2 pm to 6 pm.
Admission free. 

An incredible place to discover with your family!


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