Big-hearted italian gourmet bistrot

Rarely does one find such attentive service in this kind of bistrot that immediately puts you in a good mood.

Last updated date : 28/07/2021
Every day throughout the year. Closed Monday and Sunday.
Veronatuti 122 Rue Montesquieu - 69007 Lyon 7ème

Christophe Cocco and Benjamin Bugand-Ydais do not rely on the all-too-familiar blockbusters of Italian cuisine such as spaghetti Bolognese, tiramisu and panna cotta. No sir, we are looking at something more refined.

The forgotten peasant dishes of Venice, Campagna, Piedmont and Sicily, as prepared by our grandmothers... Less familiar, but equally as delicious. The dishes change very often, as if on a winding road through the Italian Alps in an open-top car.

Originally a pastry chef by training, Benjamin has a special talent for pasta, and both sweet and savoury pastries.

On Saturday night, exquisite tortelloni, ravioli and other such delights are made on premises.

The desserts, naturally, are to die for!

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  • Restaurant
  • Takeaway/cooked dishes
  • Every day throughout the year.
    Closed Monday and Sunday.

    Canceled or closed because of Covid-19.
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  • French
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122 Rue Montesquieu - 69007 Lyon 7ème

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