Laureen is sociability incarnate (yes, now you know that sociability has bangs). Always pleasant with a smile on her face, she likes being around other people (who also feel the same) and sharing her top tips for the best places to be!

Fiercely attached to her native Dauphiné region, Laureen is also a big fan of cultural tours and the Fourvière Basilica (which she knows inside out, from the crypt to the roof!) She loves the local delicacies of gratin dauphinois (the classic potato dish, but without cheese as far as she is concerned) and quenelles (fish soufflés) in equal measure.

But simply coming across a cosy and welcoming tea room (with gorgeous squidgy cushions, if possible) is all it takes to sweep away these important territorial dilemmas: anywhere you can drink tea is sure to feel like home!

Her idea of happiness? A lovely cup of tea whilst watching her favourite series and chatting with friends! Black tea to match Game of Thrones or maybe green tea with a taste of adventure just like Outlander, all with a dusting of Downton Abbey... the perfect brew for a day spent curled up on the sofa!

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