A look at the invisible through the eyes of the mysterious Kalash, at the Musée des Confluence, from the 23rd of October 2018 to the 1st of December 2019.

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Affiche de l'exposition "les derniers kalash, Fêtes himalayennes" au Musée des Confluences

The invisible world continues to be a favourite topic at the Musée des Confluences. Following Yokainoshima, spirits of Japan, this exhibition explores the beliefs of the Kalash people.

The Kalash community lives in the Himalayas, in northwestern Pakistan. Their livelihood is based on the farming of cereal crops and rearing of goats, which are considered to be sacred animals. But their daily life is based above all on the land they share with “fairies”. They celebrate these spirits with dance, music and alcoholic beverages during festivals that mark the seasons.

This very ancient culture, built on various influences, is mainly derived from Macedonia and Ancient Greece. The Kalash people claim to be descendants of Alexander the Great.

The exhibition sheds light on this animist population, which is fighting to preserve its culture and beliefs. The temptation to adopt Western lifestyles and numerous conversions to Islam (Pakistan’s main religion) are speeding up the gradual disappearance of this community of some 3000 people.

Once again, the Musée des Confluences is providing an opportunity to discover a population and its beliefs. If you enjoyed Yokainoshima, you will not be disappointed by Himalayan Festivals.

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