The last Friday of every month, take a walk on the wild side with France Aventures!

Do you know about tree climbing? And are you up for having a go at night? Enjoy an unforgettable experience in a mysterious atmosphere, by the light of your head torch!

Last updated date : 25/07/2022

Forget everything you already know about tree climbing, you’re going to see these routes in a whole new light (or rather dark!)…

In pitch black (or practically), with the whistle of the wind in the leaves of the trees and the sound of nocturnal insects and birds as your only points of reference, take a turn as sleep-walking tightrope walkers!

This evening, for sure, your senses are dialled to 11!

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Laetitia is a real ray of sunshine. Needless to say, there's no chance of getting bored when working by her side! Whether she's cheerful or glum, she's wont to burst into song, with tunes that tend to stick in your mind all day. Well where's the fun in a non-catchy song?

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