I'm beginning to wonder if there aren't as many pancake recipes as there are guests sitting round the table…

Last updated date : 02/05/2019

Of course the best recipe is usually "my mum's" recipe (with a hint of white rum in my case, the one that's ideal for making Mojitos…).

But when I spoke to my editor colleagues, I discovered other secret ingredients, such as the Orange Flower Water that Virginie adds to her recipe (a southern touch, no doubt) and the beer that Julie adds to her pancake mix to make it rise… Then again, some prefer savoury pancakes, while others swear only by sweet pancakes, and others still prefer crêpes Suzette flambé with Grand Marnier…

In other words, the list of possibilities is a long one, but what really matters is the pleasure of enjoying your pancakes with family or friend, right?


crepes aux fraise

So whatever your secret ingredient is, the success of you pancakes will depend on doing things right at each stage of the recipe. You'll need : fresh egg (3), organic flour (250 g), a pinch of table salt, 3 tablespoons of sugar

You'll find everything you need at the organic grocery store at Les Halles de la Martinière in Lyon!

Carefully combine all these ingredients in a bowl, taking your time to avoid lumps, then add ½ litre of semi-skimmed milk. For those of you who are lucky (or greedy) enough to have a food processor, it's now or never!

The most important thing is to set the pancake mix aside for at least one hour… if you're as impatient as I am, you may have trouble with that part of the recipe!

Sauté your pancakes in a frying pan and enjoy!


Laetitia is a real ray of sunshine. Needless to say, there's no chance of getting bored when working by her side! Whether she's cheerful or glum, she's wont to burst into song, with tunes that tend to stick in your mind all day. Well where's the fun in a non-catchy song?

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