The Opera’s other side...

Internationally renowned for its impressive, demanding programme of music, the Lyon Opera is exploring new ground in a far less classical direction, with ‘Opéra Underground’. Read on to find out more.

Last updated date : 29/09/2020

Lyon’s Opera House stands majestically on Place de la Comédie, offering an awe-inspiring sight that can sometimes put people off entering the building.

However, the Opera is working hard to open its doors wide to the general public and make itself more accessible. In addition to its outdoor events, and the presentation of timeless works brilliantly performed by its orchestra, the Opera is now offering a more adventurous programme of music with ‘Opéra Underground’.

The aim of this programme is to promote other forms of music, including jazz, world music, ritual songs and traditional music from around the world. The real world, without borders. Opéra Underground shines light into dark corners as it ventures into unknown territory.


This is Antoine. The only moustache in the office.The fact that he has managed to find a niche in a team exclusively made up of women is proof that he has been good at cultivating the better side of his nature. By that we mean his feminine side…

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