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Mingling the cello, song and electro music, this highly original musical tale invites small children to explore the world. Guided by Claire Monot and Anaïs Pin, they set off on an adventure.

Last updated date : 18/10/2019
Wednesday 27 November 2019 at 3 pm.
The Lyon Opera House Place de la Comédie - 69001 Lyon 1er

A little girl, feeling terribly bored, hears a sound outside which intrigues her, so she decides to leave the house, where her grandfather is asleep. Armed with a tiny violin, she sets off on an adventure, encounters strange characters and confronts her greatest fears. This initiatory journey is also punctuated by friendship and music.

Daring to take risks so as to grow up
After Le Banquet de la Mandibule and La Belle escampette, Claire Monot and Anaïs Pin have conceived a new show as a dialogue between music and theatre. This time, their two voices and Anaïs’s cello are being accompanied by the electronic music of Mathieu Monnot, the scratcher and computer musician of the Komplex Kapharnaüm company. Soberly sculpted by lighting, the stage is plunged into darkness, then crossed over by characters in extravagant costumes. The female spider symbolises difference, while the off-the-wall witch is a Circe as seen by Nina Hagen. They move through an extremely rich sonic universe, which stimulates children’s imagination. Buoyed up by the poetry of sounds, then run through by a succession of emotions, the young spectators discover that daring is required in order to overcome their fears and go through life’s maze.


Useful tips

  • Wednesday 27 November 2019 at 3 pm.
  • Accessible for self-propelled wheelchairs
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The Lyon Opera House

Place de la Comédie - 69001 Lyon 1er

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