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Diamond Dance


Hip-hop and classical dance come together to create an unlikely, but exhilarating fusion.

Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne

Cinéma Le Zola

The Zola cinema has a big programme awaiting those who check out the festival. With over 150 films being shown to the public; 35 screenings in 4...

Wines and Local Products and Labels Fair

Centre Edouard Brenot

Wines and Local Products and Labels Fair is the meeting place for lovers of good wines, tastes and flavours from the French regions.

C'est Lyon qui régale !

Festival of Solidarities

Lieux divers

For more than 23 years now, the Festival of Solidarities (Festisol) has been a key event for everyone who seeks to promote solidarity in their...

Jean Couty - Au fil de l'eau (By the water’s edge)

Musée Jean Couty

From the banks of the Saône to the ports of Brittany, and from Île Barbe to the shores of the Indian Ocean, the museum is taking visitors on a journey...

Les Puces du Canal (flea market)

Les Puces du Canal

Four universes dedicated to vintage, flea market and antiquities. Come and meet the 200 permanent merchants and 400 unpackers and make a stop at one...

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Marché aux Bouquinistes - Marché aux Livres (book market)

Quai de la Pêcherie

Antique, modern and second-hand books, postcards, comic books, engravings, etc. Fill your library of original and found articles surveying the famous...

Marché de la Création

Quai Romain Rolland

The artists authorised to exhibit their work on the market are rigorously selected every month by a specialist committee to let the public discover...

Marché de Produits Manufacturés Quai Augagneur (manufactured products market)

Quai Augagneur

Products sold: clothes, shoes, bags, bric à brac, etc.

Marché aux Timbres (stamp market)

Place Bellecour

Stamps, postcards, phone cards, etc. This market has existed since 1892.

Marché de l'Artisanat et des Métiers d'Art (arts and crafts market)

Quai de Bondy

Manufactured products market exclusively for craftspeople, artists and producer/processors.

From squares to parks

Devant le Pavillon du Tourisme

A sporty way to visit the city, and discover hidden places and new perspectives!

Biennal of Contemporary Art of Lyon

Lieux divers

Conceived by curators Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath as a Manifesto of Fragility, the Biennale positions fragility at the heart of a generative form...

Rare Birds, From the Swallow to the Kakapo

Musée des Confluences

240 specimens from the museum’s historical collections and the major donation made by Hubert Bonnetain can be discovered at the Musée des Confluences...

À la recherche des hiéroglyphes oubliés (In search of forgotten hieroglyphs)

Fine Arts Museum

Lyon's Musée des Beaux-Arts (Museum of Fine Arts) is celebrating the bicentenary of the deciphering of hieroglyphs by Jean-François Champollion, in...

Jeune création internationale - Biennale d' Art contemporain de Lyon

Institut d'Art Contemporain - IAC

This new edition of Young International Artists (Jeune création internationale) is focusing on new work in Europe, by inviting five European curators.

Bonnes tables, belles tables

The International City of Gastronomy

Régis Marcon – a chef with three stars in the Michelin Guide for his restaurant in Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid – imagined and brought to life this permanent...

The 165th anniversary of the SEB brand

The International City of Gastronomy

Groupe SEB is a founding member of Lyon’s City of Gastronomy. It is holding an exhibition to celebrate its 165th anniversary.

Bijou, Bijoux (Jewels)

Musée de l'Imprimerie et de la communication graphique

Jewels attract light. Gems, rings, necklaces, capture all the attention while faces, bodies, buried memories are just hidden behind, waiting to come...

Magique (Magic)

Musée des Confluences

A fairy tale forest, a witch’s hat, conjuring tricks and black magic… The images that are evoked by the word ‘magic’ are many and varied.  From 15...

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