The Gourmet Agenda !

The connoisseur gourmet diary !

Lyon's treat? Great news – Love of good food is certainly no sin in Lyon!

This guide will keep you up to date with all the events on a daily basis (celebrations, fairs, festivals, etc.), markets, cookery workshops, tasting sessions, cultural and good food events in Lyon and the region. More than enough to make you want to eat more, enjoy more, and discover more!

Lyon's restaurants use our region's finest produce. Lyon's gastronomy is much more than the city of Lyon and its immediate surroundings, it's also Beaujolais, the Lyonnais, the Northern Côtes-du-Rhône, Bresse, etc. – all with the sole purpose of treating you!

Markets of Lyon

Good food means good produce! In Lyon, there's everything you need: stroll through our selection of Lyon markets and you'll quickly understand why...

Culture and fine food

To quote Didier Hallépée "Culture isn't like jam – it's like chocolate: a treat to be enjoyed and shared with friends!" So why choose? With us, you...

Festive events

What's good cooking for you? Having a good time, sharing a drink or a good meal with friends or family? Whether you're at a neighbourhood party, a...

Cookery workshops

Look what I made!

Tasting sessions

Whether you are keen amateur or novice? Sign up for one of our workshops to discover the region's grape varieties, appellations and fine wines....

Food's ready

Multichef prepared dinner, typical Lyonnais dishes or original brunches… Restaurant owners reserve their best tables for unique moments, not to be...

Lyon City Card
Culture and leisure pass

Lyon City Card

The essential pass to cultural activities in Lyon: museums, guided tours, boat cruises and more!.

Visiter Lyon
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Leisure cruise, guided tours, wine tours, etc.


Chef's Suggestions

Lyon’s specialities

World capital of gastronomy, Lyon boasts many absolutely delicious specialities. From starter to dessert, there is something to suit all tastes.

By Mélina

Lyon falls for food courts

People who think, perhaps wrongly, that Lyon’s fine-food scene is a little overblown and stuck in its ways can relax: the next generation is breaking...

By Antoine

Antoine Allegre

Where to eat ice cream in Lyon?

Here is our selection of ice cream parlours in Lyon, for a tasty and natural experience!

By Eléonore

Eléonore Delenne

Where to go for a picnic in Lyon?

Fancy a summer picnic? Check out our selection of essential or unusual locations.

By Eléonore

Eléonore Delenne

Signature dishes

Upcoming events over the next few months: save the dates, tell people about them, and bring them along! 

Praline brioche

In partnership with Stéphanie Iguna of the Food Factory, C'est Lyon qui Régale revisits the great classics of Lyonnais gastronomy. Today, it’s the...

Lyon Street Food Festival

A “great broth” shared between chefs, artists and festival-goers that mixes nuggets from the culinary scene and concerts by internationally renowned...

Lyon Tasting

 Past event

Lyon Tasting, the festival of great wines organised by Terre de Vins, takes place at the Palais de la Bourse in Lyon.

Lyon menu

C’est Lyon qui régale ("It's Lyon's treat") invites you to discover Lyon's gastronomy at all kinds of events, revealing its secrets, its history, and its current form.

The editorial team hopes you'll enjoy our articles on the history of the mères lyonnaises (Lyonnaise mothers), the celebrated career of chef Paul Bocuse, the characteristics of contemporary cuisine, the rich and fertile soil around Lyon, the region's famous vineyards, etc.

Enough to get a better idea of what to choose off the menu in Lyon!

Contemporary cuisine

Now there is a new generation of young cooks who are taking up the mantle and creating their own wonderful dishes!

The Mères Lyonnaises

In Lyon, gastronomy was above all a woman's responsibility…

Lyon and its terroirs

Once the capital of the Gauls, it is a city where people live well and eat well. Venture into any of the secret passageways known as traboules and...

Paul Bocuse (1926 - 2018)

Paul Bocuse passed away on Saturday the 20th January 2018. As people of Lyon, we pay tribute and express all of our appreciation to this great Chef,...


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