Wine not ?

Whether you are keen amateur or novice? Sign up for one of our workshops to discover the region's grape varieties, appellations and fine wines. Accompanied by experts, sharpen your senses to more precisely pinpoint all the aromas and flavours. But that's not all! You can also learn to match wines with cheeses, seafood with wines and, for those with a sweet tooth, wines and chocolate... Wine not! Soon, there will be nothing you won't know about wine!


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Bienvenue en Beaujonomie event

Domaines du Beaujolais

Come and join us at the Beaujolais winegrowing estates, with your family, friends or as a couple, for a chic, laid-back gourmet bistro-style meal,...

C'est Lyon qui régale !

Fascinating week-end "Vignobles & Découvertes" - Hermitage en Saint Joseph

Discover our destination "D'Hermitage en Saint Joseph" labeled "Vignobles & Découvertes" with innovative activities, many events related to wine, the...

C'est Lyon qui régale !

A plant, teas ...

Dammann Frères Lyon

The different varieties of all plants from one and the same plant: Camellia Sinensis. It is following the treatment that is made in the leaf that will...

C'est Lyon qui régale !

La Cave Ô Papilles

Do you like wine and are you interested in finding out more about this delicious beverage? Or perhaps you would simply like to discover little-known...

C'est Lyon qui régale !

Bière sur la ville

Différents lieux

 Past event

A city-wide festival that will see 70 breweries from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region invest the beaks of 70 bars and restaurants in Lyon.

C'est Lyon qui régale !

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