C'est Lyon qui régale !

Hone your cooking skills during the lockdown

Want to try your hand at the recipes of Lyon’s greatest chefs and finest restaurants? Here is an ideal opportunity to learn their secrets and make your favourite dishes at home. Now it’s your turn to be the chef!

Last updated date : 09/04/2020

Had enough of pasta and tomato sauce? Running out of ideas for new things to try in the kitchen during this period of physical distancing? Lyon’s chefs are coming to the rescue to give you inspiration and help you enjoy delicious food every day.

To the kitchen! Don your apron and make our chefs’ best recipes yourself. You can make the most of your free time to create original and flavoursome dishes. Lyon’s cuisine is authentic and generous, but while you can’t enjoy it at the restaurant, we are offering you a chance to follow your favourite Lyonnais chefs’ recipes, step by step.

Here is our selection of chefs who are going live to share absolutely delicious recipes with you:

Gregory Cuilleron invites you into his kitchen

Famous local chef Gregory Cuilleron shares his recipes step by step, live on the social networks, to cook up flavoursome and simple dishes, such as his Lyonnais-style macaroni cheese, vegetable jardinière, houmous, home-made shortcrust pastry and chocolate mousse… pure pleasure!

Comfort food from Chef  Joseph Viola

Are you missing the comfort food of your local bouchons terribly? Fret not, for we have a solution: you can join the chef of the restaurant Daniel et Denise every day and follow his tips to lovingly prepare meals for your family or yourself. What could be better than having a chef (virtually) in your kitchen! On the menu: sausage with Puy lentils, duck breast with spices, courgette spaghetti, and more.

Inspiring recipes from the restaurant Prairial

Prairial is getting involved too, with Michelin-starred chef Gaëtan Gentil offering recipes that reflect his approach to cooking, using local and seasonal produce. Egg with asparagus, feta, carrots and spruce, guinea fowl, asparagus and wild garlic, puff bread with caraway, chicory with Savoy ham… Now you can make these refined dishes yourself.

Get some recipe ideas with  La Commune

So you’re not left alone in the kitchen, La Commune has taken the initiative of sharing its chefs’ recipes with the concept “one recipe a day”. Visit their page to discover new ideas and delight the whole family! These include ravioli au gratin with smoked salmon, and home-made oven fries, as well as drinks with a recipe for the cocktail Bloody Mary. There are no longer any excuses to not know what to cook tonight!

Le Vivarais shares its gourmet discoveries

This local restaurant is regularly giving ideas for simple meals to make at home, so you can vary your taste experiences over the coming weeks. You can find recipes such as penne pasta with pesto and parmesan, rice with asparagus and prawns, rice croquettes stuffed with truffled ham, black olives and mozzarella…

The chefs at Kitchen Café reveal their secrets

Chef Connie Zagora shares her recipes and cooking tips on her Instagram account and the pastry chef takes you through the steps for home-made bread that is a success every time.

Stephatable delights us once again

Stéphanie Iguna, of the blog Steph à table, also shares several of her famous recipes. The latest are her carrot gnocchi and apple doughnuts. Personally, we can’t wait to try them!

Recipes from the chef of the Bistrot du Potager

The famous Bistrot du Potager reveals several of its recipes to give you ideas for delicious and comforting meals. It has so far unveiled the following recipes: chocolate mousse and salted butter caramel, mushroom and parmesan cheese gnocchi, beetroot and fresh goat’s cheese tartare.

For even more simple and delicious recipes, follow the chefs step by step:

Sonia Ezgulian’s saucisson brioché

The authentic local food tour Praline et Rosette shares the secret of the recipe for saucisson brioché by the generous chef Sonia Ezgulian! To make this gourmet treat for six people, you will need the following:

  • 1 truffled pistachio saucisson
  • 350 g bread dough
  • 1 egg yolk

Begin by putting the saucisson (without pricking it) in a pan of cold water and bring it to the boil. Cook for 20 minutes, leave it to cool down in the water and then drain it, remove the skin and dry it on kitchen roll. In the meantime, roll out the dough with your hands (because it’s more fun that way) and then with a rolling pin, until it is 1 cm thick. Brush the saucisson with some egg yolk and a bit of water, and then wrap it in the dough. Remember to pinch the edges to make sure it is closed all the way round. Allow it to rise for 30 minutes at room temperature, brush the dough with the remaining egg yolk and bake in the oven at 230°C for 20 minutes. You are in for a treat!

You can visit Praline et Rosette’s page for even more local recipes, and Sonia Ezgulian’s page to discover her original cookery ideas.

If you’re still looking for more recipes, you can find all of your favourite Lyonnais specialities on our website, from cervelle de Canut to Lyonnaise salad, Saint-Marcellin cheese burger and praline brioche and tart. There is plenty to keep you busy until the lockdown ends.

Food lovers, we look forward to seeing you very soon!

Stay connected to the chefs’ social media accounts, as many more recipes are on their way!



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