C'est Lyon qui régale !

Our favourite addresses to feast!

Indulge your weakness for good food with one of the many brunches on offer in Lyon’s restaurants.

Last updated date : 28/04/2023

Nothing better than a good brunch to celebrate Christmas and face winter! A combination between breakfast and lunch, brunch is an American invention that we can no longer do without. 

A perfect pairing of sweet and savoury dishes, infinite combinations of flavours, there is no prescribed time or order to feast. Brunch has the power to satisfy every appetite. Between the now famous avocado toast, fluffy pancakes topped with bacon and maple syrup, eggs Benedict delicately laid on an English muffin and then drizzled with hollandaise sauce, fried potatoes, French toast cinnamon buns, yoghurt bowls served with fresh fruit and crunchy granola with honey - there is plenty to choose from! Is your stomach rumbling yet? Sorry, we almost forgot the drinks. Smoothies, freshly squeezed orange juice, chai or pumpkin latte, hot chocolate, coffee, tea... We can go on!

Whether you want healthy or comfort food, brunch is the only valid reason to leave home on a Sunday morning. Giving up your bed and getting out from under your duvet can be a difficult ordeal, but when a good homemade meal is awaiting you (in a friendly atmosphere), the idea becomes pleasant. Accompanied by your friends, family or loved one, going to brunch is the ideal weekend (or weekday) activity.  

In this appetizing context, here is our selection of spots to enjoy a pleasant and gourmet experience:

Brunch des Papas Sucrés

A brunch that makes you feel at home

The first thing you notice about Les Papas Sucrés is their beautiful cakes that make you want to take a (big) spoon and taste them. This pleasant tea room opens its doors each Sunday for a varied and delicious brunch. Make sure you don’t leave without tasting a generous portion of cake worthy of the ones your grandma used to make (definitely worth confirming!).

Do you ever wake up with a craving for a croque-monsieur? If you do, run to The Croque’N Roll, where you can try their delicious speciality croque-monsieur brioché au bacon. The thought alone is enough to make us hungry! 

Brunches for a wolfish appetite (all you can eat)

Do you like to treat yourself on the weekend, could you eat Shrek under the table, and do you enjoy spending time in beautiful settings? If the answer to all three questions is ‘yes’, then read on to discover our all-you-can-eat brunch recommendations. 

Brunch de Mama Shelter

On Sundays at noon, enjoy an all-you-can-eat menu offered by the famous Mama Shelter.

As you can tell, Mama Shelter is the perfect place to go if you are famished and/or there is something to celebrate, where you can always count on a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. With a wide selection of home-made dishes, hot drinks, fruit juices, Danish pastries, fresh bread, salads, cheese, charcuterie, desserts and more, there is something to suit all tastes. 

If, for a gourmet such as yourself, brunch means fine food, make your way to the Celest Restaurant for exceptional fare and a panoramic view. Fear not, as the chef in charge of the buffet certainly does not skimp on the quantity of food, offering something for all tastes, with shellfish platters, a selection of foie gras, magnificent beef ribs and more. Our mouths are watering already!

Brunch for a deliciously healthy experience

Brunch de Pimprenelle Salon de thé

Pimprenelle is a colourful, lively place, and its generosity is reflected in the brunch, with a large savoury and sweet platter that is nutritious and absolutely delicious. Made with quality ingredients and lots of love, the brunch served at this address does not disappoint. 

Had enough of the city? Set course for Anahera-Oasis Urbaine for a return to nature in the heart of Lyon. Their themed and always very healthy brunches leave you feeling great. Their delicious Chia seed and coconut milk pudding after a yoga session will set you up for the week! 

Brunch for a culinary journey

Looking for a friendly, multicultural ambiance? Try the Coffee Shop at the Away Hostel where you can chat with travellers passing through the city. It can be a chance to exchange tips about places to travel, while enjoying a delicious home-made brunch featuring fresh, artisanal produce. Also, we have it on good authority that they make the best Latte chaï in town!

If you’re looking for some British comfort food, go to the Wallace Bar. Serving baked beans, browned potatoes, sausages, haggis, bacon, scrambled eggs and more, it is the perfect place to come for a quick hop over to the other side of the Channel.

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