Lyon, the City of Light, can also be enjoyed at night.

Lyon offers much to be discovered in the evening. Whether it’s for an evening aperitif, an after-dinner cocktail, a concert, or to satisfy the irresistible urge to go dancing… and whether you're in a relaxed, festive or stylish mode, Lyon has something for everyone.

Here, there's a wide range of choice to suit all tastes, ages and styles, so the hardest thing you'll have to do is choose!

Last updated date : 10/05/2023

End of the day: how about going for a drink?

Once you've scoured the city, you'll have earned a nice rest! And the best place to relax is along the banks of the Rhône, where you can enjoy an aperitif by the water. During summer, terraces and riversides welcome you in true "guinguette" style. With a superb view of the sun setting behind Hôtel-Dieu, this is a great way to end the day in style. In winter, you can hop on board one of the numerous barges such as La Marquise or the Ayers Rock Boat. A relaxed and friendly atmosphere guaranteed.

If you'd rather remain on dry land, why not try out one of the city's bars or pubs. Although Lyon is located close to winegrowing regions, beer is also highly appreciated here! Head for Vieux-Lyon where the locals meet after work, to chat around a drink and a platter of preserved and deli meats known as charcuterie.

See addresses for bars here.

Fancy something a bit classy?

L'Antiquaire © Brice Robert

If you're in Lyon as a couple, and would rather relax in a cosy and plush environment to enjoy delicious cocktails and a quiet chat, you can do that too. The city boasts a wide range of venues, where you can chill and let your senses delight in the pirouettes of the cocktail shaker, the scent of lemon and the sound of glasses being filled with crushed ice, while enjoying a thoroughly good evening. Whether you're in the cushy interior of places like L'Antiquaire, Le Monkey Club, Le Fantôme de l’Opéra, or in a hotel bar such as the Sofitel, Radisson or Cour des Loges… You're sure to find what you're looking for.

See addresses for bars here.

Culture doesn't sleep!

Evenings are also a great time to discover Lyon's culture in the form of a show or performance. Dances, concerts, festivals…. Lyon has no end of venues for your enjoyment.
Among the main events, don't miss Nuits Sonores in May, a must-attend event for lovers of electro music. In July, Les Nuits de Fourvière invades the Gallo-Roman theatre for some magical evening events.
There's also a wide range of choice when it comes to concert halls. International performers can be seen live at Le Transbordeur and the Halle Tony Garnier. And who knows, your favourite singer may even be in Lyon at the same time as you!

Find all performance venues and great events here.

Get an earful of music.

Fancy going somewhere where you can enjoy a friendly evening, a live concert, and even do a spot of dancing? Lyon has lots of small and friendly bars that host regular concerts, free of charge.

If you're a Jazz enthusiast, make the most of the concerts by crowding to the stage of the Hot Club de Lyon, a historic club founded back in 1948 in the heart of the city. Bémol 5, also in Vieux-Lyon, devotes its cosy room to musicians and members of the public, who get to enjoy food prepared from local products to boot.

If the rock 'n roll scene is more your thing, you'll need to pay a visit to the famous Hard Rock Café! Ninkasi is also an essential location in Lyon, and perfect for those in search of the ideal burger/beer/music combo. And if your preference goes to electro music, rise to new heights at Le Sucre's rooftop club in the Confluence district, or the Mob Hotel. And for a cutting-edge yet eclectic scene, don't hesitate to check out the Groom or La Maison Mère.

Still going strong!

If, despite a gruelling day of visiting and sightseeing, you still feel up to letting off steam on the dance floor, you're sure to find an atmosphere and style of music to suit your own particular tastes in Lyon! Head for the trendy Brotteaux district in the 6th arrondissement where there are several bars, including the F&K where you can boogie until dawn. Or you could test your very latest dance steps at the Selcius in the Confluence area.

And for an evening with a view and top-notch music, Le Sucre and its rooftop club is where it's at.

Still going strong? Then don't stop! Head for L’Ambassade, Le Petit Salon or La Maison Mère to party throughout the night.

See all the trendy addresses here.

And of course, evenings also mean more food (this is Lyon, after all!) so see all restaurants here.


Julie was not born in Lyon, but she did decide to start her family here! Not that long ago, she would spend most of her evenings out at concerts... Although she has already bought ear defenders for her little 19-month-old boy, so that he can discover the joys of live rock and electronic music (soon!), she is now much more of a morning person as a mother.

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