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Here are the five best viewpoints in Lyon…

Last updated date : 20/04/2023
Statue de Saint-Michel sur la basilique de Fourvière et vue sur le Vieux-Lyon © Gaël Fontaine

1- The unmissable esplanade of Fourvière

This is the high point of the city, from which you can enjoy a superb view of Lyon’s skyline. From Croix-Rousse hill to the edge of the Presqu’Île, you can spot the Lyon Opera House and its unmistakable dome, Place Bellecour and its horse statue(which looks tiny from here!), and a bit further away, the Tour Part-Dieu and Tour Oxygène high-rises.

Our tip: take a guided tour of the roofs of the Basilica to go even higher!


2- The charming Jardin des Curiosités

I’ve already said it and I’ll say it again: this is my favourite spot in Lyon.
Still little-known (which is a very good thing), this small secluded garden offers a commanding view over the city. The Opera House, Place Bellecour and Confluence, as well as thousands of red and ochre roofs, stretch out beneath your eyes. Wow… just wow! Did you know that you can even get a glimpse of the Alps and Mont Blanc in the far distance? Some people say that when you can see the Alps, the following day it will rain. That’s right, being a real Lyonnais means knowing all of these little secrets.
Further information on the Jardin des curiosités 

3- The panoramic Celest Bar

The 32nd floor of Tour Part-Dieu is home to the bar of the Radisson Hotel. It offers a stunning view that is like no other, with the business district on one side and Fourvière on the other. It’s not quite a 360° view, but it’s not far off!
You can also offer a treat for your taste buds with one of the house cocktails or a glass of Champagne (unless you’re driving, of course). 
Further information on the Celest Bar

4- The authentic Place Colbert

Perched on the top of Croix-Rousse hill, this pretty little square lined with Plane trees is ideal for an impromptu game of Mölkky!It also offers one of the best views of Lyon.
The many benches dotted around the square make this a favourite spot for those who enjoy moments of quiet contemplation.
Further information on Place Colbert

Vue nocturne sur l'Hôtel de ville depuis les Muses de l'Opéra © Tristan Deschamps

5- The pop-up bar Les Muses de l'Opéra

Head for the Opera House to enjoy its bar and terrace.

Hidden behind the statues of the eight muses, like a treasure, this is one of Lyon’s most original bars. With an exceptional view of the Hôtel de Ville, Croix-Rousse and Fourvière hill, the bar opens its doors to guests at certain times of the year.

Another local secret!

Further information on Bar Les Muses de l'Opéra 

To make sure visiting friends and family speak in glowing terms about their last stay in Lyon (and hence about you), you can impress them by picking a spot to see the city by night! 


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