Bring out your jars and cloth bags!

It’s not always easy to limit the waste you produce while travelling. That’s why we would like to offer alternatives to the over-packaged sandwiches and groceries. Our first piece of advice: take your time! Sit down at a restaurant or stroll around one of our markets – it’s the best way to experience Lyon to the fullest! Read on for some local addresses.


Last updated date : 18/11/2022

Zero-waste grocery shopping in Lyon

Buying fresh products from the market is always a great idea: you will find wonderful local products that are in season and that have no packaging! You’re also sure to find what you’re looking for in one of Lyon’s bulk shops. 

Bulko (3 quai Jean-Moulin, Lyon 1st arrondissement) also offers a large selection of local products without packaging and mainly sourced from organic farming.

And why not discover the wonderful Halles de la Martinière? This ancient covered market has been completely renovated and now house a grocery shop (23 rue de la Martinière, Lyon 2nd arrondissement) which promotes local, responsible and affordable consumption. 

And for a quick and healthy meal made from high-quality local products, stop by one of Giraudet’s “boutique-restaurants”. The lightened and revisited Quenelle (creamed soufflé) is served with pumpkin or poppy seeds, either in a sauce, pan-fried or in a salad. And if you’re a sandwich lover. Check out the businesses listed by the Zéro Déchet Lyon association that allow you bring your own containers.

Zero-waste cosmetics

At Les Curieux (18 rue Palais Grillet, Lyon 2nd arrondissement), you will find a wide range of solid soaps, deodorants, toothpastes and shampoos, and in bulk at Pick&Gram in the Croix Rousse (83 Grande Rue de la Croix-Rousse, Lyon 4th arrondissement). They both regularly offer workshops to make your own cosmetic products. Have a look at their schedules!

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