The art of staging

Experience the pleasure of browsing through a shop designed like an interior, to choose a rug, a painting, a set of plates, or a little dress that goes beautifully with the décor… and why not stop for a coffee?

Concept stores reconcile those with an indecisive nature and interior décor by offering them an atmosphere and experience, while providing ideas for associations of colours and materials. 
It creates a mood and an art of living.


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Pop and Shoes

Pop and Shoes is without doubt one of the most impressive concept-stores in Lyon! A shop, a bar, and a hairdressing salon all at once: there’s enough...

Les Curieux

More than just a shop, Les Curieux is a place devoted to a meaningful way of life, with values such as well-being, sustainable development, fair...


Ah, Mathûvu! Now here's a store that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to ornaments, jewellery, and cute little presents...

Creators' village of the passage Thiaffait

Want to find out more about fashion and design in Lyon? Would you like a unique piece of clothing or a gift that no one else has? Then the Village...


You can spend hours at Hyppairs! Small decorative objects found during a trip, beautiful fashion items that you won't find anywhere else and records...

Les Perles Boutique Concept-Store

Would you like to enter a magical world? If so, then this concept-store is for you! It offers a unique and dazzling sensory experience, with jewellery...

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