Chinese street-food

Looking for some Chinese food that gets away from the usual fried spring rolls, dumplings and Cantonese rice? Bistro Zakka is for you!

Last updated date : 07/09/2021
Every day throughout the year between 11.30 am and 9 pm. Closed on Sunday.
Bistro Zakka 5 Rue d'Aguesseau - 69007 Lyon 7ème
Bistro Zakka

The star of this restaurant is the ‘baozi’. This round steamed bun with delicious fillings can be found on street corners all over China. Here, you can choose from a shrimp, braised pork, or beef and vegetable stuffing. Make sure you try the “Bao Burger”, however, which has already won over many fans! What’s more the setting is cute and extremely photogenic.

You can end your meal with a sweet baozi (we highly recommend the apple and cinnamon), one of the house cheesecakes (which include kumquat) or a bubble tea.

The friendly team will be delighted to tell you more about the baozi.

Head for Zakka, you won’t be disappointed!


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Rising with a smile on her face in the morning, always curious and enthusiastic to discover new places (and new dishes) in Lyon, Camille is what the specialists refer to as a « compulsive tester ». More partial to savoury than sweet (even though offering her a praluline – a delicious brioche filled with pralines – is a sure-fire way to get in her good books), Camille devotes herself body and soul to testing new food establishments in Lyon. Her radar for new addresses is legendary.

Useful tips

  • Every day throughout the year between 11.30 am and 9 pm.
    Closed on Sunday.
Spoken languages
  • French
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Bistro Zakka

5 Rue d'Aguesseau - 69007 Lyon 7ème

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