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Last updated date : 17/07/2021
All year round.
Les Assembleurs 12 rue Mazenod - 69003 Lyon 3ème

Yes, you read right. At Les Assembleurs, wine is made accessible both in terms of the price (around €4 a glass) and tasting. Forget beer on tap: here the wine is served from taps connected directly to the wine barrels (remember to drink with moderation, of course).

This surprising, smart and simple idea is creating a buzz! 16 wines are available to taste. They can be mixed (hence the name of the bar ‘Les Assembleurs’, which could be translated as ‘The Blenders’) and drunk in the bar or taken away to enjoy at home.

There is also a selection of platters and tapas dishes to accompany your wine. 


Julie was not born in Lyon, but she did decide to start her family here! Not that long ago, she would spend most of her evenings out at concerts... Although she has already bought ear defenders for her little 19-month-old boy, so that he can discover the joys of live rock and electronic music (soon!), she is now much more of a morning person as a mother.

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  • All year round.
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Les Assembleurs

12 rue Mazenod - 69003 Lyon 3ème

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