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What is Smart Tourism in Lyon? Who are those developing an other tourism in our Metropolis? The answer of an ambassador of Smart Tourism: Alexandre Bichet.

Last updated date : 02/08/2021


Smart Destination?

For me, a smart destination is connected, digital, cultural, and above all offers its tourists a customised experience, and makes their lives easier.

Your  Smart action?

Hippocket Wi-Fi is certainly smart. We propose the rental of this little Wi-Fi model that lets you connect up to ten devices. Tourists can stay online at all times with high-speed internet during their whole trip, allowing them to avoid roaming fees and any exorbitant costs billed by their operator.

Your favorite spot?

The Halles Paul Bocuse are one of my real favourites. You HAVE to head down there at around 11.30 a.m., there’s a bit of hustle and bustle, to enjoy the full extent of Lyon’s gourmet food. And why not stop to try a small selection of seafood or cheese?

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