Set off for... Lyon!

At the moment, it’s a bit tricky to take a trip to the other end of the world, or even a long weekend break in Europe, so here are our suggestions to get a taste of exotic destinations without leaving Lyon.

Last updated date : 08/02/2021

You can see the world while remaining in Lyon:

Travel to... Paris with Fourvière’s metal tower

To each their own Eiffel Tower! Following the construction of the Parisian tower in 1889 and its great popularity, the people of Lyon decided to build a metal tower in their city for the world’s fair of 1894. They were inspired by the third floor of the Eiffel Tower and a lift took people to the top where they could view the city below.

Converted into a television relay transmitter in the 1960s, it remains the highest point in the city. People in Lyon enjoy pointing out to Parisians that, because it stands on the shoulders of Fourvière hill, their tower is in fact 50 metres higher!

Travel to... Venice with Passage Ménestrier

Take a stroll down Passage Ménestrier for a (little) taste of Venice! Part of Lycée Ampère, one of Lyon’s oldest educational establishments, it was converted in the seventeenth century, along with the rest of the buildings. Built in 1836, Lyon’s answer to Venice’s Bridge of Sighs links the two buildings, lending its charm to this passageway that leads to the banks of the Rhône.

Travel to… Asia with Thien-Minh pagoda in Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon

Just to the west of Lyon lies a hidden gem that many locals are not even aware of. Built between 1984 and 1990, and then renovated following a fire in 2006, Thien-Minh pagoda is dedicated to Buddhism and has an authentic Asian architectural style. Located in the heart of a garden that retraces the main stages in the life of Buddha, it opens to visitors and regularly offers guided tours followed by introductions to meditation. An invitation to take an inner journey!

Further information aon the Thien Minh pagoda.

Travel to... New York with Tête d’Or Park

Have you ever noticed that Tête d’Or Park bears a resemblance to Central Park? It is not entirely a coincidence because the two parks were inaugurated in the same year: 1857! They both have a lake, a zoo and a botanical garden, and were created to give residents a pleasant place to go for a stroll. While, with their winding pathways, they certainly look alike, New York’s park is nearly twice the size.

Further information on Tête d'Or Park.

Travel to… Chicago vith the skyscrapers in Villeurbanne

While the first skyscraper was built in Chicago in 1884, it was not until 1927 that one of the first French skyscraper construction projects was launched in Villeurbanne. They were needed to keep up with the growth of Villeurbanne, which wanted to create a new, more modern town centre, with capacity to accommodate the working class population, while providing access to quality public services. The Gratte-ciel (‘skyscraper’ in French) neighbourhood was built between 1927 and 1934. Its architect, Môrice Leroux, used the tiered skyscraper technique and designed a metal structure filled with bricks.

To find out more about this construction and living conditions in the Gratte-ciel neighbourhood, a showcase apartment left untouched offers a journey back through time!

Further information on the Gratte-Ciel neighbourhood.

Travel to... Mexico with wall paintings dedicated to Diego Rivera

In Gerland, two little-known wall paintings stand around a small square, which immerses viewers in the colours and tradition of the great Mexican mural painters. Designed as a tribute to Mexican painter Diego Rivera, they were created by CitéCréation in 2007. The pre-Hispanic façade depicts the arrival of the Spanish and the conquest of pre-Hispanic peoples. Standing opposite, the contemporary façade features major social and political themes that Diego Rivera dealt with in his oeuvre. It offers an amazing immersion in Mexican and South American culture! To see the paintings, go to 19 Rue Georges Gouy in Lyon’s 7th district (69007).

Set off to discover Lyon’s curiosities while you dream of future trips around the world.


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