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The Musée des Arts de la Marionnette (Musées Gadagne) has been fully redesigned!

Last updated date : 13/05/2022
Closed temporarily.
Puppetry Museum - Gadagne Museums 1 place du Petit Collège - 69005 Lyon 5ème

In the heart of Vieux-Lyon (Old Lyon), one of the Gadagne museums, devoted to the art of puppetry, reveals a world of performance, illusion and emotions. Through an interactive and participative visitor trail, prepare yourself to leave the role of spectator and step into the shoes of a puppeteer.

In the ‘city of Guignol’, more than 300 puppets and other objects share a unique space that immerses visitors in the world of puppet shows. Guignol – Lyon’s most famous puppet – is the star and main theme of the trail.

Did you know that the world’s oldest puppet was found in the Czech Republic and is thought to date back to 25,000 BC?

Puppets can be scary, amusing, surprising and educational; they have fulfilled various roles and functions in different ages, cultures and contexts.

How is the illusion created? Discover a puppeteer’s workshop, where you are invited to explore, touch, dismantle and reassemble, as you delve into the daily work and lives of these extraordinary artists.

It will then be your turn to take to the stage! A puppet theatre is provided to perform with a puppet of your choice. Professionals help and advise the budding puppeteers as they create their scene!

This is a family-friendly, history-filled and educational museum, suitable for young children and anyone curious about or interested in the performing arts.

Find your inner puppet!



Eléonore is the romantic member of the team! Rumour has it that she knows her classics better than anyone else, and if you want to strike up a conversation with her, just mention Jane Austen, and you'll be away!

Useful tips

  • Closed temporarily.
  • Full price: 8 €
    Reduced price: 6 €.

    Free entry for children < 18 years, Job-seeker, disabled people and accompanying persons.

    Entrance free: Lyon City Card.
    Museum Pass : € 25/year with full access into 6 museums of the town.
    Free audioguides for both museums and the visit of Gadagne House.
  • Included with the Lyon City Card
  • Hearing disability
  • Visual disability
  • Accessible for self-propelled wheelchairs
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Puppetry Museum - Gadagne Museums

1 place du Petit Collège - 69005 Lyon 5ème

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