Past and present, there's so much to see!

Between museums, performance venues, discovery areas and workshops, dive into a cultural immersion in Lyon!

Where should you begin? And what should you see to make sure you don't miss anything essential?

Well, first there's the museums, lively living spaces devoted to discovering and sharing different cultures, and very much open to the requirements of different types of visitors.
From the Gallo-Roman civilization to the great adventure of silk and textiles, from our local Guignol to all the other puppets in the world, from printing or the invention of cinema to the historical account of the French Résistance, and from the Fine Arts to the Decorative Arts… Immerse yourself in the history and heritage of Lyon. The main museums and their temporary exhibitions are included in the Lyon City Card
And the city's museums (and others besides!) also host numerous debates, conferences and artistic and cultural events.
And if you enjoy strolling about in an artistic environment, why not explore the art galleries, to see if you fall in love with anything in particular, or simply for the pleasure of discovering new things…


True repositories of human genius through the ages, museums abound with knowledge, creativity, beautiful objects, accounts and discoveries. Museums...

Craft & Galleries

Don’t be surprised if you see art galleries and crafts flourishing throughout the city. For those with classical tastes, head to the Auguste Comte...

Tours and workshops

Here, you’ll find plenty to satisfy your curiosity and desire to learn, experiment, or uncover the secrets of the city, the arts, the sciences and...

Show venues

Concert halls, tiny music bars, theatres or amphitheatres, find the place that suits you best!

Lyon City Card
Culture and leisure pass

Lyon City Card

The essential pass to cultural activities in Lyon: museums, guided tours, boat cruises and more!.

Visiter Lyon
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Leisure cruise, guided tours, wine tours, etc.



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