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Lyon hosted one of the highlights of the 2018 sporting season: the 2018 semi-finals of the Top 14, a competition held by the French National Rugby League! Fans enjoyed a festive weekend in the colours of their favourite teams, who competed to reach the finals. The sold-out matches on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th of May 2018 were held in the gleaming Groupama Stadium with its 59,000 seats.

Collector took the opportunity to interview the local rugby star, Frédéric Michalak.

Last updated date : 09/12/2019

Interview conducted in February 2018 for the Collector Guide, before the Top 14 Final

Frédéric Michalak pour Collector © Ghislain Mirat

Hello Frédéric. You’ve played at LOU Rugby since the beginning of the 2016-2017 season, what’s your relationship with Lyon like? 

Lyon is a city that I like very much. I don’t feel like I know it very well yet, as I’ve only lived here for two years, but I’ve found a good balance here, on a professional and personal level. I have two young children and it’s a very nice city to live in as a family! In Lyon, especially with children, life is pretty much ideal: it’s a big city, but with good public transport connections, and there’s loads to see and do, so you don’t get bored here.

You’re a very active person. Where would you recommend for a weekend outing, as a family, for example?

I live in Lyon’s sixth district and I really like Tête d’Or Park. It’s maybe not the most original choice but it’s great for kids! It’s not often you find a park like that right in the city centre. It’s one of our favourite outings as a family. We’ve also taken the children to Musée des Confluences, which they really liked too. 

Besides the park and Gerland Stadium, of course, which other places would you recommend for sport?  

? I love cycling; it’s my main sport outside of training. I go to Tête d’Or Park, go round it, and then head for the Monts d’Or before coming back. It’s a nice little 40 km round trip!

In terms of restaurants, do you have any “Collector” addresses that you’d like to recommend? 

I like restaurants that specialise in meat, as well as brasseries, for their laid-back atmosphere. Among my favourites are the Brasserie de l’Est in Les Brotteaux and L’Argenson, , right next to Gerland stadium. In terms of restaurants for meat, I like the atmosphere at Carneggie Hall, which is also near Gerland Stadium, and Les Garçons Bouchers in the Halles Paul Bocuse, which is a classic!  
For brunch, the Selcius serves very good food, in generous portions. Lastly, one of my favourite places in Lyon is Konditori, a really attractive café that also serves great food. My wife is Australian and a coffee-lover, and she loves this place. I also really like Casa Nobile, a very good Italian restaurant, and Institut Bocuse on Place Bellecour, where the food is of course excellent!

Where do you like going out in Lyon?

Well, as a sportsman, my life is focused on matches, so my favourite place to go out remains Gerland Stadium! It’s been fully renovated and the pre- and (especially) postmatch leisure areas are perfect for a good time! I also like to have a drink at La Maison, which is also close to the stadium. 

Your family lives in Toulouse, what kind of gifts do you like to bring back home? 

Food and drink! I really like the regional wines: a bottle of Côtes du Rhône or Côte-Rôtie always makes a nice gift. Or anything in terms of food. I love the atmosphere at Halles Paul Bocuse on Sunday mornings, and there’s no shortage of gifts  that you can take back from there!!

Further information on LOU Rugby (in French)

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