Immersive experience

The clock is ticking. Will you manage to escape from this locked room in under an hour?

Last updated date : 05/08/2020

Escape rooms, which originated in Japan, are currently very much in vogue. With friends or family, enter a world where truth is stranger than fiction.

The principle is simple (or at least it appears to be): you play the role of a character, complete a mission and manage to get out of a room you have been locked into in less than an hour.

To do so, you're going to have to rummage around, get your thinking cap on, and remember things, so as to crack codes and solve puzzles. With themes ranging from history, mad scientists and the end of the world, your grey matter is about to be severely tested! Every moment will be packed full of friendly cooperation and shared thrills.

Discover venues in Lyon where this adventure is also available in English!

Team Break - Walking dead

Team Break leads you into three critical situations.

Prevent a mad scientist from contaminating humanity in the Walking Dead adventure, begin your experience handcuffed to the seat of a plane in the Lost room, and disarm the bomb in the bunker of a deranged dictator in Mission Infiltration.

You can take up to four trusted companions into the world of Walking Dead and six onto the Lost island and into Mission Infiltration. 


Wake up - Protocole Vegas

Wake Up has five rooms, for players aged 10 and over, and up to 12 people.

Will you manage to solve the crimes committed at this English boarding school in the 1970s?
Will you unravel the mystery of the Peruvian temple of Inti Kancha?
Will you manage to keep your cool as you search for the latest victims of a serial killer?  (Caution: for horror fans only!)
Will you make off with the jackpot in the casino heist?
Will you be able to stop the chemical attack as you make your way through the underground of New York?


Way out

Way Out challenges you to solve one of their three mysteries.
Will you have enough energy to escape Captain Nemo’s submarine? 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea takes you on an aquatic adventure.
The theme is water once again here, but with pirates this time, as you search for the Treasure Island. Prepare yourself for treachery and deceit!
Locked in a black and white room by a magician, will you manage to see the world in colour once again?


Become the leading actors of Clap Escape’s films! This new space offers an immersive experience and an outlet for your inner movie star.

The Loot of El Paso takes you to the Far West in an amazing setting and will put your powers of deduction to the test. Instead of codes and padlocks, here you will find amazing special-effects-like mechanisms. We can't wait for their new Dracula room to open!


There's nothing quite like it to see your family and friends in a new light! 


Eléonore is the romantic member of the team! Rumour has it that she knows her classics better than anyone else, and if you want to strike up a conversation with her, just mention Jane Austen, and you'll be away!

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