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Go at your own pace, take your time and safely get off the beaten track – this is what it means to discover a region or city by bike.

Last updated date : 18/06/2020

And if said city offers greenery, beautiful landscapes and exceptional heritage like Lyon does, you can be sure your trip will be an excellent change of scene.

The Accueil Vélo Label

Heading out by bike is certainly adventurous, but you still need a few guarantees. Does your journey involve several stops and you don’t know where to park without feeling burdened by your bike? "Accueil Vélo" is the solution. Let’s learn more about this new, promising label.

Les prestataires qui s’engagent dans cette démarche font le choix de vous réserver un accueil sur mesure. Dans leur boîte à outils, des abris sécurisés pour vos vélos, des kits de réparation (matériel SOS crevaison, jeu de clés standard ou encore pompe à pied), mais aussi des informations sur les circuits les plus adaptés à votre niveau. Vos hôtes vont même jusqu’à vous proposer un petit déjeuner spécial « énergie » avec, en plus, la possibilité de le prendre dès 6h30, histoire de vous laisser reprendre la route à la fraîche.

Places with the Accueil Vélo label in Lyon and Greater Lyon.

Restaurant: Au Grand Large in Décines


Repair store: WeRide (Vaux-en-Velin) ; Cycle Service (Lyon 7)

Bike rental: Cycletic (Lyon 3) and Velostrada (Lyon 3) 

Parks: WeRide in Vaux-en-Velin , the Grand Parc de Miribel Jonage in Vaulx-en-Velin

Not to be missed

ViaRhôna is the now legendary, most popular cycle itinerary among cycle tourists. The challenge is to do the whole route, from Lac Léman to the shore of the Mediterranean. Fortunately, the path is punctuated by many places to check out. You are cordially invited to take a break in Lyon to enjoy its gastronomy, monuments and culture!

Around Lyon, there are two itineraries:

Top spots

La Maison du Vélo Lyon: open for both residents and visitors, the Maison du Vélo is the spot where bike enthusiasts come together. Take advantage in particular of the Cyclosérail, a space for exchanges where you can share your top spots, ask questions and meet people. (website in French)

La Bicycletterie: this stop is the perfect opportunity to have a nice break. If you need some equipment or to repair a puncture, a stop at La Bicycletterie is essential. The café is a great place to wait for your bike to get repaired, or just to have a rest.

Extra services

Warmshowers : The Warm Showers community is an open, worldwide platform offering hospitality to cyclists. People who wish to host cycle tourists provide their address and regularly put up one or more cyclists to share a friendly moment after a good old warm shower.

Géovélo: Developed in partnership with the Métropole de Lyon, this service allows you to find your bike route depending on your preferences, such as the “expert mode” which allows you to find the fastest itinerary. By default, the application chooses the quietest paths, bike lanes and streets to ensure you feel as comfortable, safe and calm as possible.

Are you keen, but you don’t have the gear you need? No worries!

Cycle et Vous: this agency organises bike trips in the Lyon region. Their à la carte service means you can enjoy a 100% personalised trip. You and your bike will become one!

Cyclo City Tour: this is a relaxed way to discover Lyon. Your chauffeur/guide will show you the most beautiful places in Lyon while you comfortably, calmly sit on the back of an electric bike.

Discovering our beautiful city by bike is not only possible, it’s recommended! Enjoy a different aspect of urban tourism. Between the many green spaces, riverbank bike paths and parks, Lyon promises an unforgettable bike holiday!


Virginie comes from Corsica. "We can't all be born in Lyon…" as they say. But our lovely city is now under her skin (although her beloved island remains firmly anchored in her heart).

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