C'est Lyon qui régale !

A song of ice and… ice!

Here is our selection of ice cream parlours in Lyon, for a tasty and natural experience!

Last updated date : 07/12/2020

Healthy eating and short food supply chains are becoming a part of daily life, and ice creams are no exception.

Eating healthily doesn’t mean giving up on dessert: you can now find local and organic ice creams that are made with quality ingredients.

Here is a round-up of our favourite ice cream spots, including long-established parlours and trending new addresses.

Vieux-Lyon (Old-Lyon)

With its traboules (hidden passageways) and narrow paved streets, Vieux-Lyon is a magnet for locals looking for a cool place to escape the summer heat.


The local institution is Nardone. Located on Quai de Bondy since 1929, and still managed by the same family, it has satisfied the cravings of generations of ice cream lovers in Lyon!

With 60 home-made flavours, the only trouble is choosing… They are served in cones and bowls (for those with a bigger appetite) on the large terrace on Quais de Saône.

terre adélice

Since its opening on Rue Saint-Jean a few years ago, Terre Adélice has offered a hundred or so flavours, from the classics (such as vanilla and strawberry) to “avant-garde” options for the more adventurous (including smoky bacon and goat’s cheese).

All their ice creams are made in Ardèche and most of the flavours are organic.

My recommendations (based on several years of tasting, I must admit!): mint and chocolate chip, yoghurt, chestnut, blood orange and caramelized hazelnut chunks!

La fabrique givrée

Near Saint-Jean Cathedral, La Fabrique Givrée has taken a fresh approach to ice creams.

Formerly a pastry chef at palace hotels, Jérémie partnered up with two friends to create a delicious and unconventional offering. Using ice creams made in Ardèche with natural, seasonal ingredients, he lets his creativity flow. His latest creation is ‘Le Kif’ – an ice-cream dessert shaped like an eclair, to be shared or eaten on the go!



The Croix-Rousse district is packed with trendy, attractive little shops.Stop for a refreshing break at Único, where Julia and Tiago (graduates of Institut Paul Bocuse) will delight your taste buds! Their focus is on quality and carefully selected natural ingredients. Their sorbets come in flavours that change with the seasons.

They also have a magnum bar where you can create the magnum of your dream!



Único’s little brother, Fresco, has brought a taste of Italy to the banks of the Saône! This little shop sells Italian-style ice creams, with new flavours every month, to take away only.

Fresco also has seasonal suggestions to taste, served in little pots or cones.

For chocolate lovers, the chocolate bar Ikône sells sundaes and dipped artisanal ice cream, with a choice of nine chocolate coatings!

Bon appétit !


Eléonore is the romantic member of the team! Rumour has it that she knows her classics better than anyone else, and if you want to strike up a conversation with her, just mention Jane Austen, and you'll be away!

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