C'est Lyon qui régale !

A revisited classic!

In partnership with Stéphanie Iguna of the Food Factory, C'est Lyon qui Régale revisits the great classics of Lyonnais gastronomy.
Today, we bring a touch of Lyon to Crêpes de la Chandeleur (Candlemas crepes).

Last updated date : 25/01/2021

A little bit of history 

It’s Candlemas, 40 days after Christmas.

For the Romans, Candlemas paid tribute to the god Lupercus (their version of Pan). Believers walked through the streets holding candles. In 472, the Pope turned it into a religious festival celebrating the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple.

Where do the crepes come in?

This tradition is based on a rural superstition: back in the day, farmers believed that if crepes were not made on Candlemas, the year’s wheat would be blighted (by disease and mildew).

Superstition or not, we wholeheartedly welcome any excuse to make crepes!

Make your batter better

Place 300 g of flour in a large bowl, and then 80 g of sugar and 4 eggs.

Cut a vanilla pod in half, scrape it and add the seeds to the mix, along with 80 g of melted butter. Whisk while gently adding 60 cl of warm milk.

Leave to rest. 

To make the praline cream, blend 120 g of pink praline in a pot and add 12 cl of liquid cream.

Whisk continuously as you bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat while continuing to mix, until it thickens.

Put the praline cream aside, while you cook your crepes. 



Stéphanie Iguna's blog: www.stephatable.com
Further information on Food factory: www.facebook.com/foodfactorylyon


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