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The oyster: a tender taste of the sea that is low in calories and rich in immune-system-boosting trace elements and minerals.

Last updated date : 07/01/2019

So where are the best places to eat oysters in Lyon?

For those with an aversion to seafood and who have difficulty eating prawns unless they are drenched in mayonnaise, oysters can be a nightmare. But for those who appreciate just how delicious they really are, the all-important question is “where are the best local places to eat oysters?”

Bar terraces
A well-established Sunday tradition for Lyon’s oyster lovers. While Lyon’s 3rd and 6th districts are out of the running due to the proximity of the legendary Les Halles de Lyon, you can find them all over the city: La Madone (1st district); Le Café des Antiquaires (2nd district); Café Jutard (Croix-Rousse, 4th district); Le Narval (Point-du-Jour, 5th district); Le Nain (7th district); all the bars around Place Ambroise Courtois on markets days in Monplaisir (8th district); or Café-comptoir Lobut (Villeurbanne).
OK, it may be cold out, but it’s well worth braving the weather to enjoy your dozen oysters with a glass or two of white wine (to be enjoyed with moderation).

Les Halles Paul Bocuse
The oyster openers are busy at Lyon’s temple of gastronomy during the festive season, with a number of excellent establishments, such as Maison Cellerier, Maison Rousseau, Maison Merle, Chez Léon and Chez Antonin. They may be a little dearer than the neighbourhood locals, but the price is well worth it. What’s more, you can enjoy their excellent oysters in a pleasant warm setting with professionals to open them for you!
Open every day from 7 am to 10.30 pm. 

There’s no shortage of choice, such as Chez Jols and its various establishments in Lyon, Le Trocadéro in the select 6th district and the excellent Brasserie Georges, to name but a few. You don’t need to look hard to find oysters between the rivers Rhône and Saône.

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