The first thing you notice about Camille when you see her in the morning is her ready smile. 

Then you rapidly realise that although she looks very gentle, she is also amazingly efficient and insatiably curious. The very essence of a compulsive tester: nothing escapes her watchful eye. Not a single venue, festival or wardrobe sale, especially those that take place in her own neck of the woods on the slopes! You may even come across her and her little 4-year old, who accompanies her on most of her exploratory journeys!

There's no doubt about it, Camille certainly does like her food, and when she suggests a great eating place, it's usually because she has tried and tested it herself (or because a reliable source has validated it for her!) And as you can see, she certainly has tested quite a few! She'd rather eat a Praluline brioche (her favourite) than a salad (she's quite happy to overlook the "green bits" and eat the topping!) although you wouldn't know it to look at her! Terribly unfair of course, but who can blame her (between you and me, it's not unusual to see her head for the swimming pool at lunchtime to stay trim!) 

She's a bon vivant, and something of a bourgeois-bohemian, and also very much a fashion addict who loves designer products, fair trade and sharing her favourite things!

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The aim of the Attable festival from 16th to 18th March is to turn Lyon into the “Berlin of Cuisine”! Needless to say, we can't wait!

Florence Bouvier

Florence Bouvier has a passion for old fabric, and turns all her finds into elegant cushions and tea towels... among other things!

La chambre aux confitures

It's all about the jam here. The shelves are literally jam-packed!

Cake store / chocolate factory Délices des Sens

The Délices des Sens chocolate and cake shop welcomes new foodies every day. A treat for your eyes and your tastebuds!


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La Taverne Gutenberg

A creative laboratory and cultural catalyst, the Taverne Gutenberg opened at the end of 2015.

Attention : Logo !

Du 22 novembre 2017 au 11 février 2018, pleins feux sur le logo !

Le jardin éphémère de Maison Bouture

C'est LA mode du moment, les ventes éphémères de plantes se multiplient à Lyon. Les 10 et 11 février 2018, Maison Bouture présente son jardin...

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On the 16th February 2018, don't miss Radio Nova's Les Nuits Zébrées event at Le Transbordeur in Lyon!

Café Terroir

The Café Terroir Lyon Célestins is a unique coffee-bar offering a selection of local products unearthed in the Rhone-Alps region.

L'Atelier des Augustins

Nicolas Guilloton and the team of L'Atelier des Augustins await your visit to share culinary moments that combine the great tastes, pleasure and...

Café du Jura

A Lyonnais bouchon since 1867. In the kitchen, Brigitte Josserand prepares Lyonnais dishes and wholesome, down to earth cooking for a great dining...

Le Printemps des Petits Lecteurs

Ateliers, lectures, spectacles, musique, chansons, jeux... du 7 mars au 7 avril 2018, les Bibliothèques de Lyon se mettent en quatre pour donner...