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Our top tips of the moment

"Claudius – An emperor with an extraordinary fate" - Exhibition

Lyon’s Museum of Fine Arts will be looking at one of Lyon’s first famous figures: a certain Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus…

By Isabelle

Isabelle Fournet

L'esprit des ruines (The spirit of ruins) - Exhibition

Ancient ruins return to the limelight at the Lugdunum Museum, from the 1st of December to the 3rd of March.

By Virginie

Virginie Billy

Beetles, extraordinary insects

From the 21st of December 2018 to the 28th of June 2020, head to the Musée des Confluences to discover the amazing world of tiny creatures... Not...

By Laetitia

Laetitia Di Crocco

Le monde de Steve McCurry

Beginning on the 6th of February 2019, La Sucrière will offer a chance to explore the world of Steve McCurry. This exhibition is one not to be...

By Eléonore

Eléonore Delenne


51 matches

La Fête des Feuilles

Quartier Croix-Rousse

 Past event

Exposition Fête des lumières à Mini World

Mini World Lyon

 Past event

Relive the best moments and the most beautiful illuminations of the Fête des Lumières ever since its creation thanks to reproductions on miniaturized...

Le Bonheur de deviner peu à peu (‘The joy of guessing your way round’)

Modern Art Musem(MAC)

 Past event

Seven works assembled as a puzzle: Eduardo Basualdo, Cai Guo-Qiang, Ilya Kabakov, ORLAN, Jean-Luc Parant, Mel Ramos, Tavares Strachan.

Le sport européen à l’épreuve du nazisme

Resistance and Deportation History Centre (CHRD)

 Past event

The museum presents an exhibition on the history of Olympic games from Berlin to London (1936-1948) through twenty athletic careers disrupted by the...

The trail of nativity scenes

Lieux divers

 Past event

The lovely tradition of nativity scenes. Taking the time to look at the characters that make up a nativity scene is an invitation to take a good look...

Los Angeles, a fiction

Modern Art Musem(MAC)

 Past event

The exhibition "Los Angeles, a fiction" presents the work of 34 artists from Los Angeles and 84 authors, of various ages, each of whom construct and...

The International Biennale Architecture

La Sucrière

 Past event

The Sucrière, an iconic place in Lyon Confluence, will be transformed into a vast and lively workshop, offering a unique experience focused on the...

Frigo Generation 78/90

Modern Art Musem(MAC)

 Past event

A look back at 10 years of vision and unparalleled energy: in the 1980s FRIGO was one of the most emblematic of Europe’s alternative culture groups....

Docks Art Fair

Le Dark Point Odile Decq

 Past event

Unique, because DocksArtFair™ is attached to the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Lyon, by date as well as geographical situation in the Confluence, a...

Adel Akremy Exhibition

Galerie Atelier 28

 Past event

Adel Akremy exhibition at Galerie Atelier 28 from September 16th to November 10th 2017. Private viewing on September 16th, from 3 to 9 PM, in the...

Les Jours sans - Food and scarcity in times of war

Resistance and Deportation History Centre (CHRD)

 Past event

This exhibition takes us into the daily life of the French subjected to privations: how to feed in war?

Los Modernos Exhibition

Fine Arts Museum

 Past event

Venenum, a poisonous world

Confluence Museum

 Past event

Venenum describes the different roles played by poison in history and culture, science and believers, medicine and criminality.

Meeting, workshop | The vegetable, the new Grail of our plates?

Musée des Confluences

 Past event

Two days of political, economic, health and well-being lighting on the relations between food and agriculture, from the basements of our fields to our...

C'est Lyon qui régale !

Biennale des lions - Le carnaval des animaux

Divers lieux dans la ville

 Past event

During 1 month, 50 animals invade Lyon!

Exhibition: From Earth to stars

The Planetarium

 Past event

What’s the daily life of an astronaut like Thomas Pesquet like in space? How are rockets and satellites launched into orbit?

Adel Abdessemed: The antidote

Modern Art Musem(MAC)

 Past event

Over two floors of the museum, Adel Abdessemed presents a selection of works never before shown in France, as well as a number of new creations,...

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