4 nights of utter enchantment

Around the 8th of December 2018 in Lyon, your nights will shine brighter than your days!

From Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 December 2018. Dates to be confirmed.
Light Festival of Lyon Lieux divers - 69123 Lyon

Combining popular traditions with technological innovations, the Festival of Light (Fête des Lumières) is a major event in Lyon!
Each year, in the creative hub that is Lyon, young lighting designers are invited to create their installations, which are then exported around the world. A totally unique concept!
Immerse yourself in this major celebration that is free and open to all!
This year once again, Lyon will be lit up for four consecutive nights. It promises strong emotions, poetry and spectacular magic, with a number of routes to take you across the city.


Each evening, starting at 8 pm, take a stroll through the centre of Lyon, which is transformed by lights and the imaginations of designers from around the world. 
The Festival of Light highlights the town's outstanding architectural heritage, its rivers and its main monuments and places through a combination of fantastic scenes making use of lighting, video and audio attractions. 
Explore the Presqu'île district in the city centre, as well as Vieux-Lyon (Old Lyon) and Fourvière, where the most spectacular attractions can be found, or the slopes of Croix-Rousse hill where the installations are more intimate and often participative. The event programme in the city centre is identical for all four evenings.

The Festival of Lights was originally a religious festival and is also about showing generosity. Each year, a charity organisation is invited to take part in the “Lumignons du Cœur” campaign: buy a lumignon (small lantern) and make your contribution to the huge lit fresco on the site of the ancient Odeon of Fourvière on the 8th of December. The money raised will be donated entirely to the organisation (which is different each year).

Remember to dress warmly!
Happy Fête des Lumières!


Useful tips

  • From Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 December 2018. Dates to be confirmed.

Light Festival of Lyon

Lieux divers - 69123 Lyon

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