Pop corn and movies in Lyon

Lyon is the birthplace of cinema, so obviously there's no question of you ever getting bored with such an extensive selection of events for film buffs!


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Charivari - Culture outdoors

Dans le Quartier des Gratte-Ciel

Parvana, a childhood in Afghanistan

Cinéma Comœdia

For 10 years old. From Nora Twomey. 1h34, VF, United States, Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg, Egypt. 2018. Animation. This is the story of Parvana, an...

Festival Cinéfil

Jardin aquatique de Ouagadougou

Eté en Cinémascope

Sur la Place Ambroise Courtois

The Institut Lumière gets out of its walls and invests Place Ambroise Courtois for free screenings, outdoors, as part of the 'Tout l'Monde Dehors!'...

Tout l'Monde Dehors Festival

Lieux divers

More than 300 free, outdoor art events all summer. This festival starts with the Fête de la Musique (annual national music festival on 21st June.)

Festival Lumière #10 - Grand Lyon Film Festival

Lieux divers

The birth city of Cinematography hosts the Festival Lumière and invites filmmakers, actors, critics, historians and writers to come and celebrate its...

Festival du Film Court

Cinéma Le Zola

The Zola cinema has a big programme awaiting those who check out the festival. With over 150 films being shown to the public; 35 screenings in 4...

Ciné O'Clock

Cinéma Le Zola - autres cinémas

From the 3rd to the 11th February 2018, British cinema will be making a long and essential halt in Villeurbanne. And all thanks to the Ciné O'Clock...

Quais du Polar Festival

Lieux divers

Italy will be in the spotlight for this new edition of Quais du Polar. Suspense, emotion and entertainment are guaranteed. You have 3 days to stock...

Sixième Continent Festival

Lieux divers

 Past event

Sixième Continent consists of a series of events all day in Lyon to promote cultural diversity in the city, by inviting artists from all over the...

Japan Touch Haru - Geek Touch

Eurexpo - Parc des Expositions

 Past event

Discover the annual manga event in Lyon! 22,000 m² devoted to Japanese culture, mixed with the Asian Fair.