Beneath her discreet and calm appearance, Mihriban is surprisingly vivacious! Whether she is on the move or laughing (she has a hearty and infectious laugh), she is always thinking. There's always something going on up there! Mihriban has high standards for herself and likes both challenge and perfection. She does everything she can to achieve her goal and always does so with grace.

She is generous and has a big heart. She likes to share her knowledge about restaurants she has discovered and is very good at finding tea rooms. She didn't join the 'C’est Lyon qui régale' (It’s Lyon’s Treat) team for nothing!

She is both curious and imaginative. Sometimes she "rests her brain" while hiking in the countryside to recharge her batteries. She is also an avid reader (in the train) and feeds her mind with poems by Baudelaire while eating chocolate (her weakness!).

To sum up, Mihriban is a valuable friend, an exceptional host when it comes to receptions, and special mention must go to her traditional pasta with pesto!

More tips and reviews by Mihriban

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Único Homemade Gelato


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Cooking Workshops by Karen Chocolat


Set course for Limonest to explore the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – when fiction becomes reality! 

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Lyon Tasting #2


For the second year, the sumptuous Palais de la Bourse will welcome you on the 10th and 11th of November 2018 for an unmissable wine-lovers event!

Festival of Chinese Gastronomy "The Magic Wands" #3


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Sunday September 30th 2018, spend a day exploring the culinary traditions of the Roman era. 

Party of the potato


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The Grandes Tablées Festival (Big Tables festival)


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Pas Sage Pas de Fromage ! 2018


France's number one cheese-making region invites you for 2 weeks, from the 21st of April to the 5th of May 2018, to discover PDO/PGI cheeses, butters...

Marché Fermier des Producteurs - Marché Nocturne (farmers' market - late-night market)

Stalls facing each other and forming an alley of a hundred metres. Stands of fruits and vegetables, flowers and herbs, meat and cheese. Just a glance,...

The Spring of Beaujolais #1


The Capital of the Gauls is hosting a week-long immersion in the world of Beaujolais, with its wines and terroirs, from the 23rd to the 28th of April...

Vin et Rigotte en fête


The region's exceptional products are given pride of place on the 1st of May 2018, during the local celebration featuring local winegrowers and...

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