Your pocket wifi !

THE solution to stay connected to the Internet during your stay in Lyon,
and throughout France, is here at last...

Last updated date : 31/07/2020
Available on website
Hippocket Wifi 3 rue des Prés - 69009 Lyon 9ème

Pocket WiFi! Simple and economical, this small WiFi modem fits in your pocket and goes with you everywhere. Available for short-term rentals (1 to 30 days), it offers a very high speed, unlimited Internet connection for up to 10 WiFi devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) at the same time.

Pocket WiFi is the ideal travel companion, providing a safe, private WiFi network.

You can use it to surf online, check your emails, find the best places to go near to where you are, and remain in contact with your friends and families.

All of this for as little as €4 a day!

The good plan!

Useful tips

  • Available on website
  • From € 4,90 to € 7,90/day. 50% off with Lyon City Card.

Hippocket Wifi

3 rue des Prés - 69009 Lyon 9ème

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