Qui Veut Pister Lyon ?

Explore, play and investigate! Discover Lyon through a police investigation with Quiveutpister's puzzle-solving games.

From Mar. to Nov. every Sat. and Sun. at 2 pm on reservation. Other times on request.
Qui Veut Pister Lyon ? Place Bellecour - 69002 Lyon 2ème
Jeu de piste Lyon

"Qui a volé le Gros Caillou" (Who stole the big stone?) is a treasure hunt that puts you at the heart of a police enquiry. The murder of a researcher from Lyon is disturbingly linked to the 2-day disappearance of the Big Stone in the Croix-Rousse area of Lyon. What is the connection between the cases? You'll be in charge of an investigation that will take you from the Place des Terreaux, La Grande Côte Park and through the alleyways that cut through the Croix-Rousse area!

"Un amour presqu'île Lico" (Love in the presqu'île) is a treasure hunt that will whisk you off to witness the fiery love affair between Angel Lico and his beloved Aimée. Love at first sight does exist but it shouldn't make you go blind! Set out in the footsteps of Aimée and Angel and discover or rediscover the peninsula through its little-known churches, Bellecour square and its covered alleyways. Will you be the dispenser of justice in this love affair?

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  • From Mar. to Nov., every Sat. and Sun. at 2 pm on reservation. Other times on request.
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