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Lyon: a city of culture, fine cuisine... and sports! BeMySport offers you 3 ways to discover Lyon and get fit. Explore Lyon's parks, go off the beaten path, or create your own sports experience. Bonus: a dedicated fitness trainer!

Daily from 6 am to 11 pm except on bank hols. On reservation with app.bemysport.fr.
Enjoy sport with BeMySport Dans les Parcs de Lyon Métropole - 69123 Lyon

Have you ever tried to find your ultimate sports session in Lyon?
If so, then you must know how difficult it is to find the right class at the right time, and with quality trainers.
Whether you are trying to get back in shape at your own pace, share workouts with family or friends, improve your physical condition, or discover a new activity…
BeMySport is the solution to create or book that fitness experience, assisted by a certified professional, and always near you: at home, work, or while on vacation.
Our advantage: reservation and payment is easy and seamless through our app at app.bemysport.fr.
BeMySport is a new sports-centered service made in Lyon, with a personal human touch to accompany you on your fitness journey, whatever your goal may be.
Our offers:
BeMySport OUTDOOR: € 6,00/pers./1 hr session (up to 15 people)
Weekly sessions in city parks

BeMySport WORKOUT: € 12,00/pers./1 hr session (up to 8 people
Weekly sessions in interesting places in your city

BeMySport TRAINER: from € 15,00/pers, up to 4 people for a 1 hr session. You decide the activity, the time, the place, and you can share with friends – or not!

BeMySport ENTERPRISE: customized fitness service for your employees.

Our sports: Circuit training • Pilates • Running • Boxe • Tennis • Self Defense • Jump rope • Family Yoga • Aquagym • Weight training • Light Gymnastics • Speedwalking • Yoga • Child Yoga.

Our services are available in the 59 towns and cities within the Lyon metropolitan area


Useful tips

  • Daily from 6 am to 11 pm except on bank hols. On reservation with app.bemysport.fr.

Enjoy sport with BeMySport

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