In the heart of the history

The legendary Gallo-Roman history of Lugdunum at the top of the Fourvière hill and the splendor of the French Renaissance in the heart of Old Lyon are exhibited in the 5th district of Lyon. A true open-air museum: Saint-Jean cathedral, Saint-Georges churches, Saint-Paul, old cobbled streets, traboules that weave real secret networks. The Gadagne and Lugdunum museums welcome you for a journey through time.


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Bar Cour des Loges

As if in another era. The bar with its two cosy, retro-look lounges offer a refined list of champagnes, Cognacs, single malt whiskies, Armagnacs or...

4.5 / 5

Chef Lyon - Cooking Classes

(Re-)Discover traditional recipes in Vieux-Lyon in the company of Chef Thierry-Rodolphe! Young and old, learn new culinary techniques in a friendly...

4.5 / 5
C'est Lyon qui régale !

Chef Lyon

Chef Lyon is a unique venue in Vieux-Lyon where Thierry-Rodolphe invites you to taste new recipes made from fresh, high-quality, local, seasonal...

4.5 / 5


Beside the Saint Jean Cathedral, our cafe, restaurant is a meeting place like no other.

4.5 / 5

The Smoking Dog

Smoking Dog is a genuine English pub located in the heart of Lyon’s old town. A warm welcome and a decent pint is guaranteed. Since our opening in...

4 / 5

Théâtre Le Guignol de Lyon

The company M.A. takes over the Zonzons, to propose shows of Guignol and puppets of all kinds. They are artists, puppet researchers of all kinds, from...

4 / 5

Le Rooftop Têtedoie

From Monday to Saturday, when the warm weather is here (early May to late September), enjoy a culinary experience on Christian Têtedoie’s terrace.

3.5 / 5

Cour 16 rue du Bœuf

Symbolic of the neighborhood, is the Rose Tower. It welcomes the stairs and is exceptional in its size and height. This 17th century house is also...

Cour 26 quai de Bondy

As well as its arched ceiling, the courtyard is amazing with its imposing staircase and wrought iron balconies and frames of different colors.

Cour 58 rue Saint Jean

Building of the late fifteenth century in which you can admire a courtyard and passageways open on three sides and Renaissance wells.

Cour 32 rue du Doyenné

Renaissance courtyard with a circular tower with staircase, double windows and passageways.

Traboule 2 Place du Gouvernement - 10 Quai Romain Rolland

Traboule through two yards inside Government's House

Traboule 10-12 rue Saint Georges

Traboule with two entrances in the same street

Traboule 9 rue des Trois Maries - 17 quai Romain Rolland

Traboule connecting the "rue des Trois Maries" and "quai Romain Rolland" with two yards connected by a staircase

Cour 7 rue Saint Georges

Beautiful exterior with its terraced 14th century windows. Courtyard typical of Vieux Lyon, with mullioned windows, and the tower housing the stairs...

Cour 2 rue Saint Georges - Maison du Soleil

This seventeenth century building is the former home of the family of Sun Baru who gave his name to the building. Its courtyard houses a remarkable...

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