In the heart of the history

The legendary Gallo-Roman history of Lugdunum at the top of the Fourvière hill and the splendor of the French Renaissance in the heart of Old Lyon are exhibited in the 5th district of Lyon. A true open-air museum: Saint-Jean cathedral, Saint-Georges churches, Saint-Paul, old cobbled streets, traboules that weave real secret networks. The Gadagne and Lugdunum museums welcome you for a journey through time.


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Espace de l'Ouest Lyonnais

Ideally located in a 2 hectare park, this site includes an auditorium, 2 adjoining reception rooms and 15 sub-commission rooms

Spectaculaire ! (Spectacular! Entertainment for the Romans)

Lugdunum - Musée et Théâtres romains

Gladiator fights, chariot races, plays, pantomimes and more. This exhibition at Lugdunum – Museum and Roman Theatres reveals the making of Rome’s...

Cour des Loges wall painting

This 400 m² painted wall was created on a canvassed wall (waterproof). It shows a trompe-l'oeil curtain of a theatre set being raised inside the Cour...

Traboule "La longue traboule"

This traboule is the longest of Vieux Lyon, hence its name

Eglise Saint Just

Remains of the foundations of the monumental church of Saint Justus, built at the end of the 4th c., extended and modified in medieval times (12th -...

Loyasse Cemetery

Created in 1812, the first modern cemetery in Lyon covers 12 ha and has 30,000 graves and 200 chapels and monuments. It includes the funeral monuments...

Jardin Archéologique

To the north of Cathédrale Saint Jean: baptistery and remains of the Saint Etienne and Sainte Croix churches (4th-16th c.). These two churches, along...

Palais Saint Jean

This former archbishop’s palace (13th - 19th), a bishop’s palace, was bought in 1909 to be used for the 5th arrondissement's library. The frontage on...

Palais de Bondy

Built from 1902 to 1904, the “Palais des Expositions" features Lyon’s coat of arms and motto: “avant, avant Lion le melhor”. It has a set of huge...

Fontaine du Taurobole

Located in the Saint Just quarter, the Fontaine du Boeuf, or Taurobole, is the oldest fountain in Lyon. Completed in 1828, it was listed as a...

The Weight of Oneself

Designed by artists Elmgreen & Dragset, the work represents heroic nude and marble. This sculpture, 2.7 m high, is a landmark in the landscape.

Chapels in Notre Dame de Fourvière

The Chapelle de la Vierge and the Chapelle Saint Thomas de Canterbury (archbishop of Canterbury who died a martyr in 1170 and apparently stayed in...

Eglise Saint Laurent de Choulans

Remains of the basilica and necropolis from the end of the 5th and 6th c., this complex, which dates from early Christian times, was first excavated...

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Tour Métallique

The tower is also called the Tour Paufique after the architect who designed the metal structure. The other entrepreneurs were Buffaud, Calmel, Perret...

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Fontaine Saint Jean

The fountain was built from plans by the Lyon-based architect René Dardel, who wanted to reproduce certain details of a well that Philibert de l'Orme...

Basilique de Fourvière observatory tower

Part of the left wing of the basilica, the tower has an orientation table at the top, after 260 steps. At the end of the construction of the basilica,...

Les Lyonnais - Le caveau

Located in Old Lyon, the bouchon Les Lyonnais takes you to the world of cabaret show with live theater artists.

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