The 2nd arrondissement is in the heart of the city and the metropolis of Lyon, dynamic from an economic and cultural point of view.

The heritage of the 2nd arrondissement reflects the different periods and partly tells the story of Lyon. It is an integral part of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998, and is waiting to be (re) discovered. Walking along the Presqu’île, along the Cordeliers, Bellecour, Perrache and Confluence districts, sometimes Saône and Rhone side, discover the history of the city through the beautiful buildings and monuments that line these neighborhoods. Théâtre des Célestins, Place Bellecour, Basilique d'Ainay ... and local history museums around printing, textiles and decorative arts... Between two visits, let yourself be tempted by some shopping and treats.



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Musée des Confluences

It is one of the latest great contemporary museums which alone are enough to justify a trip to Lyon. So of course, you wouldn't miss this visit for...

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Tutankhamun - The Discovery of the Forgotten Pharaoh

La Sucrière

Welcome to the Tutankhamun's tomb !

Food and Flower Market Saint Antoine Célestins

Quai St Antoine & quai des Célestins

Along the Saône river, facing the Old Town, it's Lyon's biggest food market, with stalls of small gardeners and farmers.

C'est Lyon qui régale !

The Celestins - Theater of Lyon

As a shrine to dramatic art for more than two centuries, it is a stunning example of an Italian theatre with its horseshoe shaped galleries, its red...

Nous, les fleuves (We, the Rivers)

Musée des Confluences

Go with the flow, from water droplet to the sea.

Secrets from the Earth

Musée des Confluences

Venture deep into the Earth’s foundations and discover the wonder of the mineral wealth that our planet harbours.

The Museum of Printing and Graphic Communication

In a city which was once the capital of bookmaking in the 15th and 16th centuries, the museum offers a unique overview of the history of books and...

4.5 / 5

Lyon, World UNESCO Heritage

Since its foundation by the Romans in 43 BCE, on Fourvière Hill, the city has expanded from west to east, building on the advantages offered by its...

The Confluence district

The southern tip of Lyon’s central peninsula, long devoted to manufacturing and transport, is the focus of an unprecedented project of urban...

River Sâone banks

Make the most of the peace and quiet of the banks of the Saône thanks to the pedestrian promenade, and its alternating urban and pastoral...

Eglise Saint Nizier

Built in 177 AD on the site where the martyrs met to break their bread, in 579 it was named Saint Nizier (the bishop buried there). Sacked by the...

Saint Martin d'Ainay Basilica - Abbey

The only Roman church in Lyon from the end of the 11th c., built on the site of the 4th c. Benedictine abbey.

Eglise Saint Bonaventure

Built in 1220, renovated from 1325-1331, it reached its current size at the end of the 15th c. Used to store grain between the Revolution and 1803. It...

Place Bellecour

47,520 m², 264 x 180 m square without streets or pavements and 67,128 m², 306 x 206 m with. It is the 3rd biggest square in France (after Place de la...

The Presqu'Ile district

It is bounded South by the street Franklin, the district of Ainay and its abbey and includes the city center and the fashion designers in the street...

Statue of Louis XIV

“Le Cheval de Bronze” built by the sculptor François-Frédéric Lemot, cast in Paris, was transported to Lyon in 12 days, pulled by 24 horses and set...

Les Célestins - Théâtre de Lyon

The theatre is a fine example of an Italian-styled theatre and offers the public a wide variety of plays, ranging from classical repertory to...

Grand Hôtel Dieu

This former hospital built in the twelfth century is today a place where people gather and enjoy themselves, with shops, bars and restaurants in a...

Textile Museum

The Textile Museum has 2000 years of history of textiles (the first collection in the world) and the Museum of Decorative Arts is one of the few...

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