The Capital of the Alps

Only 1 hr 15 mins away via the A43, set off to explore the flattest city in France: Grenoble and its 2000 years of history, protected by the mountains.

Last updated date : 19/01/2023

From the Gallo-Roman city of Cularo, to the street-art creations of the 21st century, via the Winter Olympics of 1968 and the origins of the French Revolution, Grenoble has something to appeal to everyone. There are numerous ways to visit it, on foot, on bike in a canoe or even in a tram. Here are our must-sees:

The “bubble” cable car ride to the Bastille:

Vue depuis le Fort de la Bastille à Grenoble © Pierre Jayet

To admire the view of the Grenoble metropolis and the mountains surrounding it, nothing beats a cable car ride. It was the first urban cable car in France, which was opened in 1934, before being transformed into the “bubble” cable car in 1976. These spherical cabins with transparent sides will whisk you in 5 minutes to the fortifications of the Bastille, the stepping stone to the Massif de la Chartreuse, at an altitude of almost 500 m. Stendhal himself, a native of the area, said: “At the end of every street is a mountain…”. We’ll leave it up to you to check!  While you’re up there, don’t miss the Vauban viewpoint, with a superb view of the Belledonne massif, with Mont-Blanc in the distance.

The historic city centre:

Place Saint-André à Grenoble © Pierre Gayet

Set off to discover the Gallo-Roman remains. As you retrace the footsteps of the Duke of Lesdiguières and the unrest of the religious wars, you will also cross the paths of many resistance fighters. Sit down at a table on a cafe terrace, in the place Saint-André, opposite the former Parliament building, or near the fountains in the place Grenette. Grenoble also offers the charming atmosphere of its market in the Place Sainte-Claire.

Culinary specialities:

The Grenoble walnut is also referred to by the charming old-fashioned names of Franquette, Parisienne and Mayette.

Thinner and more delicate than traditional ravioli, ravioles du Royans are elegantly serrated and amazingly flavourful: they are stuffed with a combination of cheese and fresh herbs.

Unmissable, unrivalled, yellow or green, as a liqueur or an elixir, what would happen if the recipe for Chartreuse were to disappear? Only two monks know this complex recipe which uses 130 plants from the massif bearing the same name. In the meantime, Chartreuse can be used in all types of sauces in many recipes.

OnlyLyon Tourisme et Congrès

Laureen, a tour guide and adviser at Lyon Tourist Office also comes from the Grenoble area!

Her favourite thing? A bite to eat at the Arche aux fruits restaurant and a snack on a bench in the Jardin de Ville gardens.


More information available on the Office du Tourisme de

La Fontaine du Lion à Grenoble © Pierre Gayet


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