Second city of the Rhone, it has its own identity from its Gratte-Ciel installed in the 30s, as its labor history and its cultural mix.

This common dynamic of the agglomeration is illustrated in many disciplines: nature discovery with the Feyssine Park and the banks of the Rhone, cultural discovery around the Institute of Contemporary Art, the TNP, the cultural center Le Rize , movie studios ... Not to mention all the offer of shows of the theaters and concert halls of the town.


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Eglise de la Nativité

Built from 1830, the Nativité de Notre Dame is the only church in Villeurbanne with three bells (1,300, 600 and 250 kg). They were renovated from the...

Eglise Saint Athanase - Saint Julien de Cusset

Built in around 800 AD, it is the oldest church in Villeurbanne. Initially, it was just a chapel built by Rhône bargemen, as a navigable branch of the...

Théâtre des Charpennes wall painting

400m2 mural showcasing a theatre set, illustrated with scenes from the history of the town Villeurbanne between the years 1786 and 1932.

Green Wall

17 m high and 14 m wide, the Cusset green wall is the highest self-standing wall in France. Discover its 250 m² green wall, 11,000 plants and no less...

Lyon Location / Cycle in city

Cycle and motorcycles available for hire to help you get around Lyon city centre: bikes, scooters, motorbikes. Children's bicycle rental.

Eglise de la Sainte Famille de Croix Luizet

Designed in the “art déco / art nouveau” style, this original and simple 20th c. church built by and for Italian immigrants in Villeurbanne is...

Supr'M Café

Supr’M is both a cafe where you can enjoy a well-deserved coffee break, a restaurant offering meal deals at all times of day and a brasserie.

Histoires Décalées

Histoires Décalées offers a different way to see Lyon. Follow the guide to explore esoteric history, famous criminal cases and the secrets of a city...

Virgin Gallery

Are you looking for an original Jieldé lamp? Have you been unable to forget those Tolix stools since you saw them last? Head for the Puces du Canal,...

Des Toits en Ville

This bed and breakfast offers you 2 completely separate rooms. You will enjoy shared moments around a generous breakfast on the terrace or in our...

Les Invites de Villeurbanne - Festival pas pareil

Lieux divers

4 days of free concerts, creations and shows staged to thrill, share and exchange in the streets, squares and residential areas, in every sense.

OSCAR Les Puces

Located at the heart of the Puces du Canal flea market, Oscar is one of the latest stars on Lyon’s food scene. It combines an attractive vintage and...

Le Jardin du Pré fleuri

Enjoy the fusion of French and Chinese cuisine, which is revisited, offering a menu featuring Eastern flavors and tasty dishes that will delight the...

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