The legendary Gallo-Roman history of Lugdunum at the top of the Fourvière hill and the splendor of the French Renaissance in the heart of Old Lyon are exhibited in the 5th district of Lyon.

A true open-air museum: Saint-Jean cathedral, Saint-Georges churches, Saint-Paul, old cobbled streets, traboules that weave real secret networks.

The Gadagne and Lugdunum museums welcome you for a journey through time.


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Lugdunum - Musée et Théâtres romains

Unique for the sheer richness of its collections, its environment and its bold architecture, thanks to an astonishing underground exhibition trail,...

4.5 / 5

Roman Theatres of Lyon

The place in which Lugdunum was founded in 43 BC by Munatius Plancus includes the Grand Théâtre (tragedies and comedies), the Odéon (music, reading),...

4.5 / 5

Basilica of Fourviere

Fourvière Basilica is an iconic building that overlooks the whole of Lyon. A "Marian fortress" on the outside, the inside is richly decorated with...

4.5 / 5

Courtyards and Traboules of Vieux-Lyon

Traboules, these shortcuts in the form of internal passage, allow to communicate from a street to the other one by crossing one or several buildings...

4.5 / 5

Museum of the History of Lyon - Gadagne Museums

As of December 4th, 2019, the LHM (Lyon History Museum) is renewing its exhibition spaces and painting a portrait of Lyon.

Saint John's Cathedral

The cathedral was built from 1180 to 1480 and is 79m long, 26m wide and 32m high (main arch). Its frontage dates from the start of the 14th c. The...

The Old Lyon district

It is since 1964 the 1st conservation area of France and one of the vastest groups Renaissance of Europe, 24 ha. At the foot of the slopes of the hill...

Cinema and Miniature Museum

Two unique collections by the artist Dan Ohlmann: the 120 miniature scenes produced and more than 450 legendary film props give the visitor an...

Cour des Loges wall painting

This 400 m² painted wall was created on a canvassed wall (waterproof). It shows a trompe-l'oeil curtain of a theatre set being raised inside the Cour...

Temple du Change

Built from 1748 to 1750 by architect Jean-Baptiste Roche, though the plans and elevations were provided by Soufflot. The Loge du Change was used by...

The courthouse with 24 columns

Located on the banks of the Saône in the Vieux-Lyon (Old Lyon) district, the historic Palais de Justice (law courts) has a majestic neoclassical...

Eglise Saint Georges

The 19th-c. church was built by the architect Pierre Bossan in a Neo-Gothic style. It is listed as a Historical Monument. It has a 7-bell electric...

Marché Biologique Saint Jean (organic market)

Place Edouard Commette

Products sold: fruit and vegetables, cooked meat, bread, etc.

Puppetry Museum - Gadagne Museums

The Musée des Arts de la Marionnette (Musées Gadagne) has been fully redesigned!

Traboule "La longue traboule"

This traboule is the longest of Vieux Lyon, hence its name

Eglise Saint Irénée

5th-c., Carolingian-style shrine where the first Christians met, with the tombs of Irenaeus, Alexander and Epipodius, martyred in Lyon in 178 AD. It...

La Maison du Chamarier

A gem of fifteenth-century architecture in Vieux-Lyon (Old Lyon), the Maison du Chamarier boasts a remarkable courtyard that features elements of both...

Eglise Saint Just

Remains of the foundations of the monumental church of Saint Justus, built at the end of the 4th c., extended and modified in medieval times (12th -...

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