Give in to the delicious temptation of chocolate!

Lyon’s finest artisan chocolatiers offer an enticing range of delectable creations.

Last updated date : 12/12/2018

Full disclosure here: I speak as an incorrigible foodie. For me, ‘chocolate’ is one of the most magical words, filled with the promise of sweetness and simply delicious to utter. 


Lyon is blessed with a number of master chocolatiers boasting an international reputation. So here are the best addresses to stock up on chocolate all year round (and never mind about the waistline). 

With white, milk or black chocolate (for the connoisseurs), there are endless possibilities and so many delicious temptations. Resistance is futile, so treat yourself and head to one of our finest chocolatiers. 
With a little bit of curiosity (and without neglecting the classic praline varieties of course), you can look forward to amazing discoveries that will delight your taste buds.

By the way, according to recent studies, chocolate addiction doesn’t exist! Now is that good news or what?!


Virginie comes from Corsica. "We can't all be born in Lyon…" as they say. But our lovely city is now under her skin (although her beloved island remains firmly anchored in her heart).

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