Time to tickle your taste buds

“I love a good Galette des Rois as much as the next guy but do you know HOW I like it? When it’s made properly, with plenty of butter!” Pop in to Délice des Sens to pick up one of the best Epiphany cakes in Lyon… And plenty more besides!

Last updated date : 20/01/2020

Before you can take another step, this temple of temptation will draw you nearer with its sweet smells and chocolatey aromas, then a glimpse of the sensual curves and bright colours of the pastries reel you in, leaving you wanting one of everything for your afternoon snack!

Caramelissimo, macarons, Amarylis, Trianon, or praline tart? Make a little room for all these sweet treats and test the limits of your “insatiable” appetite down at Lyon’s world-famous indoor market - Délice des Sens is a real treat for all your senses!


The first thing you notice about Camille when you see her in the morning is her ready smile. Then you rapidly realise that although she looks very gentle, she is also amazingly efficient and insatiably curious. The very essence of a compulsive tester: nothing escapes her watchful eye. Not a single venue, festival or wardrobe sale, especially those that take place in her own neck of the woods on the slopes! You may even come across her and her little 4-year old, who accompanies her on most of her exploratory journeys!

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