Beautiful tribute to the profession, which seduces and makes dream everyone!

Firefighters’ uniforms inspire the dreams of little boys and grown women alike (although for different reasons!) In the minds of all, they are heroic lifesavers. After all, who could fail to be impressed by people who brave fires and save lives?

Last updated date : 07/05/2019
Museum of firefighters of Lyon Rhône Caserne de la Duchère 358 avenue de Champagne - 69009 Lyon 9ème

While for professional firefighters the job is a true vocation, for volunteers it is a passion.

Musée des Sapeurs Pompiers

Musée des Sapeurs Pompiers

This museum takes a look back at the equipment used by these heroes, with pumps that go as far back as 1732! Created in1971, it is the biggest firefighting museum in France, covering250 years of history. It is a repository of memories, with two floors displaying an impressive collection of equipment, uniforms, vehicles and more.

As the exhibition progresses, you can discover the protective clothing used by firefighters and how it was worn, while in the Souvenir room, you can admire the trophies and flags! The collection of helmets, which is one of the most beautiful and rich in France, is worth definitely worth mentioning!

In 2005, the museum was awarded the title “Musée de France” and was divided into several sections: pumps from the seventeenth century to the present day, with various types and models; small equipment items and clothing, with items for fire-extinguishing, life-saving, resuscitation, diving and more, as well as a unique collection of French and foreign helmets from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present day (one of the biggest collections in the world); a Souvenir room with trophies and flags; the vehicle fleet: 100 vehicles dating from 1910 onward.

There is also a museum shop.



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    Group children: 50 to 80 €
    Set price group adults: 50 to 180 €.
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Museum of firefighters of Lyon Rhône

Caserne de la Duchère 358 avenue de Champagne - 69009 Lyon 9ème

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