The Volkswagen of wine bars

Located in Vieux Lyon, well away from the crowds of tourists, this establishment is aptly named. It is to wine bars what the Volkswagen was to cars: accessible to all and unpretentious!

Last updated date : 09/05/2018

Whether you like a dry white or a full-bodied red, Mahdi (the manager, who is obsessed with wine and jazz), will find a wine to suit your tastes, and may even give you a surprise by steering you away from your more usual territory.

The selection of natural wines is focussed on craft production, for all budgets, and can be accompanied by platters of delicious food chosen to match your drink (bien sûr!).

Mahdi and his wine bar – Châteauneuf du Peuple – are bring wine tasting to the people and we can’t get enough!


The first thing you notice about Camille when you see her in the morning is her ready smile. Then you rapidly realise that although she looks very gentle, she is also amazingly efficient and insatiably curious. The very essence of a compulsive tester: nothing escapes her watchful eye. Not a single venue, festival or wardrobe sale, especially those that take place in her own neck of the woods on the slopes! You may even come across her and her little 4-year old, who accompanies her on most of her exploratory journeys!

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