Le Quartier de la Croix-Rousse

This district includes a hill, in continuation of the Peninsula, " the Slopes of Croix-Rousse " (include in the district of the UNESCO world heritage) and " the Village " which overhangs all the city.

Last updated date : 05/02/2018
Le Quartier de la Croix-Rousse - 69001 Lyon 1er

The Croix-Rousse neighborhood is nicknamed the “village”
because of lifestyle quality the residents can get there. Even when a part of Lyon since 1852, this area kept its particularities.
Transformed in the 19th century by the arrival of the canuts, gold, silver and silk (yarn) weavers, this hill remains marked by the work of the Grande Fabrique. The maintaining of this handweaving excellence center reveals at the same time the canuts’ knowledge and their impact to social history. The plateau
of the Croix-Rousse also gives breath taking views on Lyon and
its suburbs.

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Le Quartier de la Croix-Rousse

- 69001 Lyon 1er

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