Courzieu park, birds of prey and wolves

Nestling in the forest in the western part of Lyon, this park is a privileged site for all those who want to devote their day to nature. This centre devoted to birds of prey and wolves has opted for shows and activities that respect the animals.

From 31/03 to 11/11/2018 between 10 AM and 6 PM.
Courzieu park, birds of prey and wolves Montmain La Côte - 69690 Courzieu
Parc de Courzieu

A day of high emotions in the great outdoors with four fascinating encounters: with wolves, birds of prey, owls and snails.

11.30 AM: Meet the wolves... All begins with the sound of howls echoing through the forest. Enjoy a unique opportunity to observe the behaviour of the pack as you come face-to-face with the wolves. A privileged few will be invited to venture into the territory of wolves: an experience that won't be easily forgotten.
2 PM: Flight of the birds of prey: eagles, falcons, kites and vultures soar through the air, gliding, performing acrobatics and nose-diving at breakneck speeds. Such aerial prowess can be witnessed thanks to the tradition of falconry: the birds and falconers work together to display their talent. A magnificent sight to behold!
3 PM: Slimy shells: the secrets of the snail revealed... a well-known creature, but it still manages to surprise people.
4 PM; The flight of owls provides an insight into their fascinating world, made up of legends, sayings, secrets, the sounds of the forest and nature... A fantastic journey!

A walk in the 'valley of wolves', with a labyrinth, a wolf observation bridge and a house full of surprises for the wolves.

NEW IN 2018: the marmots trail. Discover this funny animal!
Fun nature trail: 'Nos amis les arbres vous parlent' (Our friends the trees speak to you). Children's games in the heart of the forest, including a wooden castle fortress and toboggans.

La Catiche, our log house, welcomes guests for lunch and teatime.
Picnics possible.


Useful tips

  • From 31/03 to 11/11/2018 between 10 AM and 6 PM.
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Courzieu park, birds of prey and wolves

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