Check tablecloths and local specialities

Café des Fédérations in Rue du Major Martin gives you the best of local cuisine with no unnecessary frills.

 Archives | Last updated date : 05/09/2018

You'll be whisked back in time as soon as you open the door: a friendly and old-fashioned dining room with its traditional local décor (bottles, check tablecloths and posters), and the promise of an evening marked by good cheer.

Here, tradition is upheld with every dish: Andouillettes (sausages made of calf’s ruffle), Quenelles (creamed fish or meat soufflé), Tête de Veau (calf's head) or Tripe for the bravest among you. And you can round off your meal with Cervelle de Canut (which means 'Canut's brain' and is made with fromage blanc seasoned with herbs and shallots) or Praline Tart (containing caramelised almonds) (or both!)

Paired with local wine, the food here will take you back to the early days of the "bouchon lyonnais" and give you the opportunity to taste local specialities in a home-from-home atmosphere.

Welcome to Café des Fédérations!


Eléonore is the romantic member of the team! Rumour has it that she knows her classics better than anyone else, and if you want to strike up a conversation with her, just mention Jane Austen, and you'll be away!

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